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Hey Guys,

I am planning to get a hybrid bike with maximum budget for 20k. I def wont be doing off-roading, but looking for bikes which are suited for typical Indian roads. I have good opinion on :

  • Firefox Pro D
  • Btwin Riverside
  • Schwinn Sportera
  • Montra Blue

Please suggest me something good which last long and has less maintenance needed.



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I don't think Riverside 3, Schwinn, And Montra Blues are in your budget.
If you're looking for something for casual rides, then the Montra Trans and Firefox will do.
Avoid front suspension and disc brakes within this price range.
If you can increase your budget, it would really be worth the extra money put in.

Thanks Aaron for the reply. I wont be using it on a daily basis, but planning to go for weekend trips which would be around 40KM one way. And may be a little long term plan of doing 120 KM one way. Would Montra and FF be good for those ? I found few bikes within 20 or (20 +2 K) range from Schnell , Bianchi, Giant, and many more. Are those good ?

Definitely no to the Schnell.
Montra Blues has a few decent reviews, so does the giant.
But, which model of Giant are you referring to? Their cheapest hybrid is Escape 3 for 30-32k (unless if you're getting a huge discount).
Bianchi, not within this range, their more expensive models are better.

Giant Sedona in Amazon. Its ~23k. And Aaron what about Montra or FF maintenance ? How good are they ? Whats your take on Hercules ACT and UT H1 ?

Nah man, the Sedona is meant for cruising along the beach, or maybe going grocery shopping, it's not meant for long distance riding.
No doubt it has a good frame and drive train components, but it's frame geometry isn't built for long distance rides. It has 26" or MTB sized wheels, regular hybrids have bigger (700c) and slicker wheels.
You're better off getting the Montra Blues or the Firefox.
Maintenance needs to be done irrespective of which bike, and the drive train requires the most (once a month lubrication, twice a month cleaning & lubing the chain) and then checking/regreasing the bearings. It's all easy DIY stuff.

Thanks !! Dude, how did u get so much knowledge in bikes ? I cant find proper places which gives a proper review of bikes or gives some proper description. What I can find is who bought what, the specs and price, pretty much ! So can you please tell me pros and cons of FF pro D, montra trans and montra blues ?



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