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This is Tushar Ambre.

I am looking for a bike for riding 10 to 15 km daily from home to office and weekend 50 kms approx.

Should I go for MTB or Hybrid bike.

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Hybrids can go faster on smooth straight roads but you cannot be aggressive on rough roads.  Hybrids probably consumes lesser energy in the longer trips (even though it depends on how you ride).  If your regular routes have rough roads and if you love to be aggressive at times, then MTBs are best for you.

Both types have a slight advantage over the other type in different terrains, riding style, and purpose.  You decide, but both will do for you.  Make sure you buy a good quality branded bike. 

A must read. Topic: How to select a bicycle according to your needs and budget.

Written by Anand Sharma.


Hi Tushar. My answers come from my experiences in riding around in Pune, including commutes.

I have a hybrid which I find to be much faster on good roads, and especially on climbs on good roads. If I know I am going to be riding on good roads, I always pick the hybrid.

If my ride is going to be on iffy roads or off-road, I pick my MTB. I also pick the MTB when I anticipate I might have to hop on to or off footpaths, especially when traffic gets clogged up a lot more during rains.

For you I would suggest this.

If you are going to do substantial off-roading or on bad roads, a road focused hybrid *may* be able to get you from point A to B, but won't be fun to ride at all. In this case MTB might work better for you. Even if you swap to fatter knobbies, the frame-strength/geometry may not give you confidence while off-roading with a hybrid meant for good roads. Of course, the accuracy of this statement depends on the price-bracket of the hybrid also.

For regular commutes, if you would like to prioritize speed, and don't mind slowing down for potholes or rubmle strips, speed breakers etc. you can go for a road focused hybrid. You can opt for fatter tyres a hybrid, and get a more pliant ride by losing out on some speed.

If you would like to prioritize comfort, and would like the option of not having to slow down for most uneven-ness like potholes/speed-breakers etc., and do not mind losing out on speed, then lean towards an MTB.

There is no free lunch - and no single bike does everything perfectly, just make sure to understand what the trade-offs are. Set your priorities and choose, there are no incorrect choices.

i am aaditya, i am also living in Pune. i am thinking to buy rockrider 300 or 340 by btwin. I would like to take my cycle for everyday office and outing of around 8-10kms and thinking to go occasionally to nearby places of around 20-30 km. Can you suggest me which one i should go for? and suggest if you have any other options in budget of 14k. thanks in advance

Rockrider 300 is not a bike that you can drive for 50km or more easily (although its build quality is solid). I have done upto 130KM on this bike (in one day) and can surely tell you that its not the most comfortable one. I would say its range is a total of 30km in one go at the maximum.

Both 300 and 340 have grip shifters (compare that to rapidfire shifters). That's inconvenient in general. For a out of city trip, this could be a deal breaker.

340 might serve you better especially if its handle bar is taller than 300. Else, just checkout some firefox/montra hybrid bikes or BSA mach city (if you like it :) ).

For a 10-15 KM daily city ride and 50 km weekend outstation ride, a MTB or a hybrid may do the job equally well. Okay, MTB takes more power off you but its road presence is too good, especially in traffic and on climbs. Pay attention to what you like.

budget vadhav

Ghetliye already..

Montra Downtown....



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