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I need a review of Montra Trance and Montra Trance Pro

I am planning to get a bike soon which I will be using for daily commuting and to stay fit. First, I thought about RockRider 300 but I changed my plans when I came to see Montra Trance.

There are two versions : Montra Trance and Montra Trance Pro which may differ by 1K in its price. Montra Trance is expensive than its pro. Both of them are nice hybrid bikes at an affordable range. So, can anyone give me a proper review of them ?

I have read that the gear shifting is a bit difficult and the performance is a bit low in Montra Trance Pro. But I couldn't get any reviews on just Montra Trance.

So, please help me and anyone with riding exp well appreciated. :)

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Anyone... please help me :(

Hi.  I am also waiting for reviews of these bikes.  What I know is that they are of intermediate quality.  For people who are not yet ready to invest on a bike in the range of 30k, I always suggest to "go for it" in the range of 16k.  Because it is always better to start off biking, get more experienced and start enjoying it.  Later we can upgrade based on our requirements, (if really needed).

Also, I saw UT H2 at Hero showroom.  Looked good, no idea of quality.  Should get it for 18k or less.  Shop fellow said "UT bikes are high end series from Hero".   Similarly, FireFox has Rapide and Road Runner in the same segment.  

I repeat:  It is better to "go for it", than to indefinitely push the budget higher and higher and end up not buying anything.



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