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I want to buy a bike, i am 45 yrs old, please advice

I use to cycle a lot as a teenager, but that was years ago. Recently i borrowed my friend's cycle and went on marine drive on a sunday morning. now im interested in starting regular cycling on weekend mornings. i live on Pedder Road so mostly i will be starting  here and going on marine drive initially. please suggest which bike i should go in for. i visited Firefox showroom on marine lines and liked their Hybrid Roadrunner model for 14K... is this the right bike for me? i am basically biking for pleasure and a bit of exercise to build up my stamina.  

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Hi this is Nihar from Carmichae Road Bikers, don't know if you have got my earlier reply regarding cycle advice but Do Not make the mistake of buying a firefox ! Only Canondale or little lower in preferance Trek...

check for bicycle fit 

later check for right gearing & upright position.

check for seat height.

canondale seems good ( tires are broader more comfort  but expensive)

schwinn seems reasonable but stay away from hybrids prefer straight bar.

i usually prefer buying used good condition bicyle or older frames & put components i need.

fire fox i advice do not buy.

any clarification please do not hesitate

cycling need not be easy on the body use the basics to prevent injuries and enjoy cycling

take care

y not firefox? wats d prob with it??

Don't be in any hurry to buy a bicycle, take turns to borrow different different cycles from all your family friends and then see which one u like and suits you.  When it come to bikes 100 people will give you 100 suggestions but its all about how u feel on a particular bike.

My advice would be to try Trek 3700 WSD - (Women specific design)

Thanks guys for your advices.i finally bought a SCHNELL _it costed 13k.

it feels great to ride my own bike now.

planning to stick to my route of pedder rd.and marine drive to nariman point now as i am low on


btw,this web site helped me a lot in my selection of bike,thanks guys!

Cheers !happy new year !!and safe cycling!!!

SCHNELL.. which model..??

I think it is called  Dyanamic 1.0 .Its a mtb.

yoou may buy dynamic1.0

where did u get schnell? please post reg its quality and durability. im interested in dynamic 1.0



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