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Hi friends, I bought this imported amazing light weight centre stand on-line for Rs2400/-, but unfortunately does not fit my bike because the gear cables pass through the bottom bracket (crank) portion, and the mounting plate of the stand fouls against the cables.

This will fit any mountain bike or road bike 26" wheel size and above, provided it has a centre bracket and the gear cables do not pass through the bottom of the bracket.

The stand is perfect for keeping the bike vertical and prevents it from toppling. Also those who carry bags or books on their bike, the side stand cannot support the weight, but this centre stand will. In addition, the stand keeps the rear wheel off the ground when parked, so perfect for maintenance of the bike.

If anybody interested, I am ready to sell it for Rs2000/-. Before you buy, send a photo of the bottom bracket of your bike so that I can make sure this will fit. Note : to take the photo of the bottom bracket, you have to turn your bike upside down. An example of the photo of my bike bottom bracket is attached.

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That looks like a Hollow tech crank, and BB51 bottom bracket,  Which bicycle do you have?

Hi Vinni, the BB photo is not of my bike, it's only as an example. I have a Btwin Riverside 3. Are u interested, or know anybody who would be interested in the centre stand ?

Thanks for the reply, I suggest if you are on Facebook then I can recommend 2 groups on which you can put this up for sale and I;m sure someone would be interested in buying it.

Do let me know if you are on Facebook.

The problem with is that, this website has not evolved with time and hence a lot of the cyclist who used to be a regular here have not stopped visiting this site. I had even highlighted this issue to Amit Bhoumik long long ago but nothing has happened.

Thanks Vinni,

I am on Facebook. Just look for "Basab Chakrabarti Bangalore" and match my profile picture with that on



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