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Hey guys,
Extremely excited to see this community here.  Just decided to pedal to my office (B'lore) and want your suggestion on which bike to choose.  Especially if Btwin Riverside 3 is good.
I am 5'11 93 kilos and the daily commute would involve about 16kms (to and fro) and some weekend rides.
Rented out a Trek 3700 (with slicker tires) for a couple of days to see if I can do it and was very happy.  My budget is 15-20k extending to another 3k for accessories like helmet, signals, lights etc.,
So I like Riverside 3 for it's comfort. -  Felt it to be very stable, strong but still light weight.  The finish and components like grips, pedals looked good (atleast from my naked eyes).  At 20k it seems to looks like a steal.
What I am doubtful is that it should not become too lesisurely like a cruiser but be like a fitness hybrid to push me.  Anyone of you using it?  What are your thoughts?  Is there any other disadvantage that I should be aware of?
The other bikes I have in my shortlist are.
Firefox roadrunner pro-v: Felt it did not fit me properly and was not that stable.
Montra blues 1.1: Have not tried it yet.
Specialized sirrus sport: Was really good but at 45k does not fit my budget.
Thanks in advance for sharing your thoughts.


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I'm cycling on Btwin Riverside 3 Men for over two months and its been good so far.

get firefox rapide 21s , you'll get a standard 10% discount take that and buy the helmet and everything online or from a local shop.

Hey thanks guys.  Ended up buying the Riverside 500 yesterday.  So far so good.  Just getting scared of potholes.  Hopefully it handles them well.

@Himanshu - How's your experience with Riverside on potholes?

Yes potholes or cracked roads can be scary, I had some skidding effect type problems when braked in speed but I was always on balance, nothing bad has happened as yet touchwood. Try to avoid them if possible but going on it sometimes accidentally shouldn't be much of a problem. Some parts of Bombay roads are bad but the bike's survived still well.

Congrats on your new bike! Welcome to the Riverside 3 / 500 family!

Thanks :).  Agreed, Unfortunately can't avoid them. Have to go through some every ride.  Let's see how things fare in few days.



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