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Is it worth upgrading a Fomas Road King deluxe

I own a 2011 roadking deluxe. Recently I have been facing some issues with my bike. To rectify this issues I m thinking of doing the following upgrades

1.The seat bolt becomes loose after riding short distances and it is very frustrating so I m thinking of getting a new seat post

2. It is hard to shift gears due to the downtube mounted shifters and the right brake lever has become loose I m considering installing brifters 

3.Also during a recent bike ride the derailleur screw came loose even though I dont shift very often and did not mess with the screw

So should I upgrade this bike or buy a much better aluminium frame bike 

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The first question is, do you really love your bike? If yes, then why not upgrade? Yes, the price of STI levers are half the price of your bike. 

The screw that hold the rear derailleur? It probably came loose due to corrosion (my best guess).

Right brake lever has become lose? As in, what way?

I am not getting what you are trying to say. But, if I am right, it's most probably that the screw that secures the brake hood to the handle bar.
Different models give access to this screw in different ways.
To my knowledge (because I have never used brifters, I know you don't have those), first completely loosen the brakes, pull on the brake lever completely, and you should be able to see a screw inside the hood, which is tightened/loosened using an allen key.
When I tighten the brake cable,the brake lever goes all the way away from the grip making it difficult to grab it
PS: Thanks for replying so quickly


Consider of converting your Roadking deluxe to single speed it will serve your purpose well if you don' shift much.



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