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Issue with water splashes while riding in the rain

I've been facing this problem lately while driving on wet roads. Would be glad if someone could suggest a solution - 

Whenever I'm cycling on wet roads, water starts splashing on to my back and on to the back of my head from my rear tyre when I go at speeds greater than 8-10kmph. I do have one of those seat post cantilevered mudguards installed, but it doesn't seem to be helping. I've also tried wearing a hooded windcheater, but its getting really sweaty inside. 

Having to wash clothes and take a bath after every ride is a real bummer.
Do you guys too face the same issue? And is there no better option than going for one of those ugly full length fenders? Please suggest.

Thank you,

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If you ride to office... use mudguard (long one). Ask dealer.

If you do group/solo ride...forget mud, rain, wind and all sort of distractions...get soaked in rain and mud. Get heavenly with dense fog, stormy wind and water falls.  Enjoy your ride. This is what a ride is all about. To forget all worries. Be a kid. Be a free bird. And fly. :)

Check this link...

Come home. Take hot shower bath.  You will be in heaven.  :)

I stay in Pune and I am lucky that Pune has plenty of country trails to ride.  :)

As long as I am getting wet till my head it is OK. But mud enters in slit of rear break and causing break jam. I am having road bike.

I can take bath at home, no problem, but what about break, rear light and below portion of saddle.

MTB is like your buddy. Road bike is like your lover. Now you decide whom to choose. All weather supporting friend or mercurial sleek beauty.  :)


Hey Prad, can you suggest some country trails.?

I was planning on to have one this weekend.

I totally agree with Prad's comment. you need to enjoy ur ride. :)



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