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hey all

i was wondering if anyone in Mumbai has a large/extra large frame hardtail? i've been looking for a new bike for about 2 wks now, and done a ton of research online but haven't been able to get hold of any large frames to actually try.

if anyone has 1 of the following and would be cool letting me checking it out (especially the sizing and geometry) before i make up mind, i'd really appreciate it -

canondale f7/f8 (large 18.7")
merida matts20/40/tfs100 (large 20" or over)
trek 3700/4300 (21")
rockrider 5.3 (large/xl)

or any other bike thats in the same league (about 30k max).

i know this is a strange sorta request but figured the cycling community would be a good place to start looking. keep in mind i'm not asking you to sell me your bike!


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You mentioned an F7/F8 18.5" frame size - i've got an 18" Tenere if you wanna try.
hey imran.. thanks for the offer man!
but i think an 18" tenere would be too small. i checked out the geometry online and its barely bigger than my current bike. the thing with the f7 is that although its an 18.7", the wheelbase and front to center are comparable to L/XL frames of other brands, which is why its in my comparison set. a 20" orbea would probably do it.



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