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hey guys,
i have been wanting to cycle since the past couple of months, but dont have a bike.
a friend of mine told me that i could find second hand bikes here, my budget is around 5k.
iam looking for a raleigh or a firefox, mostly going to use it for short trips in the morning as i love to cycle.
pls let me know if there is anyway i can find one before rains!

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Hi Sneha,

I had shortlisted both lumala & MTB thunder for myself but settled on the MTB Thunder.

I am not sure of the performance of Lumala bikes & for 6.2K to get so much stuff could possibly mean compromise on quality, though im not sure, hence if any one else has the bike you can check for quality of ride & spare parts before booking.

I have got a MTB Thunder - all aluminium bike, though the break assembly is a generic prob in the series, can be replaced easily for a better build one, its a decent bike & shud cost you not more than 6.2K. Gears for both bikes are the same...there are no suspensions in the bike. My advice wud be - u ride both of them & see which is more confortable for you. If you are around borivali - malad area then lemme know; you can test ride the MTB Thunder which i have.

Regards, Sagar
I second that.
One of my bikes is a Thunder MTB. I have of course added drop handlebars but that is a matter of choice.
I like the feel of this bike better than of my Hero Hawk. Its lighter than the Hawk because of the aluminium frame and rims, which is a great feeling.
I have ridden in Borivali National Park trails and with slimmer tires I have ridden it from Kandivili to Nariman Point and back, and enjoyed the ride.
I am not keen on suspension, but that's just me. If you ask me, the Thunder is a very nice bike. In fact, I even have upgrade plans for it, the frame feels so nice.
I agree with Alaap. You have to test ride bikes before you can decide what you like.
hey you can get a fomas brand new from opp. portuguese church for 5 k//. it has back disc brakes 21 shimano and front suspension.. !! !
hey..thanks alot everyone for the feedback!! i have been checking the thread..but had forgotten my password so couldnt reply :)

@ Aalaap- thank u so much..i too like the way Friefox AXis looks..where could I g and check out the Lumala?am located in santa cruz!
Why dont you try Kohinoor cycle shop at Hillroad Bandra .its 2 minutes from Lucky Hotel .
Lots of others reading the thread too - so keep posting - Thanks
I had a Raleigh 5500 Full Suspension... Truly loved that Bike... Got Stolen from a Pay & Park :FacePalm:
Looking out for a new Bike... people are "rightly" sugesting to get a bike which no-one will steal i.e a Old/Second-hand Bike with simple Diamond Frame & No gears..... Thinking about following the advice.... Hence, am on the lookout for a Second-Hand cycle to pedal to station & park it in the Pay-N-Park Bay.... Any help in this regards.....

Gears & Suspension... won't be Bad ;) Please help Thanks

BTW where can I get the Lumala Bike!! I stay in Kharghar & the Cycle Scene (read shops) is pathetic
Hi Sneha,
Try my old friend Mr.Pushkar.M.Vora of, Kohinoor Cycle Stores, 19 Rizvi Chambers, Hill Road, Bandra West, Mumbai 400050 (situated between Lucky Hotel & Vodafone Gallery) Tel:-022 26426655, Mobile Pushkar:-99302 37371, Timings:-9:30am to 1:30pm & 3:00pm to 8:30pm.
You can view Pushkar.Vora's profile on '' from my friends list, or on Facebook.
They have been in the cycle trade since 1927 & I have known him & his family since 1973. If you are not from Mumbai do talk to him & take his advise.
Hi, Ive a Raliegh cycle, a year old which i would like to sell. Its in great condition as ive barely used it & keep it indoors. Anyone interested contact me on
I would like to BUY!!!!

Will email ASAP.....

Update: Emailed you... Please revert. Thanks

Alap Naik Desai
selling my fomas sports bicycle contact me on if interested(2months old only)-9833621627



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