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hey guys,
i have been wanting to cycle since the past couple of months, but dont have a bike.
a friend of mine told me that i could find second hand bikes here, my budget is around 5k.
iam looking for a raleigh or a firefox, mostly going to use it for short trips in the morning as i love to cycle.
pls let me know if there is anyway i can find one before rains!

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Fomas??? Type?? Road King/Hybrid... Any Pics???
its fomas sports market price is 7k...u can see my post in the forum it has the pic..u can contact me if ur interested in buying it
This the Bike....Correct:

U said 2 Months old. OK. So usage must be minimal.
Seems like a 18 Speed Revo/Grip Shift. Color: Electric Blue

Location? I am interested, in fact the Raleigh RS 500 is similar to it. BTW is it an 18" Frame with 26" Off-Road Tires?

Update: You are located in Bandra Right.. Might be a hassle for me. I stay in Kharghar. I can give you 4 to 4.5K for it (If you do not find a Buyer located nearby)
yeah the bike u saw is the one can contact me and we can discuss further about the bike we,ll do sumthing regarding transportation dont worry abt tht mobile in the forum discussion ad....and yeah im in bandra(w)
Sorry for the extensive delay... Too much going on Simultaneously... Please confirm if the Bike is still available... If yes (I know chances are remote)... I will try & come by next week.
yeah i still have it ..u can call me and then come to see it..
Where in Bandra, do u stay / where is the cycle? Will weekend be OK for u?

BTW: is this ur add:
dude why dont you call up i can provide u all the info on the phone that will be the best right..and yeah the cycle is at my home .. yes weekends will be perfect ..and the last ad is call up as soon as possible my no.-9833621627
which one..??
haha welcome to the hunt Bro... We all are... Well at least me too.

To be honest... The Raleigh RS 500 discussed above is Just @ 7.5K NEW!!! My ONLY trouble is there is NO Shop selling Raleigh (or for that matter... NO Shop nearby selling ANY Cycles!!) near my place...

BTW why the hurry: BEFORE the Rains??

PS: Nausheen... above has already given the Bike to her neighbor... Hence don't bother... Just saying!
You might want to consider going in for a brand-new Fomas trail bike instead, for a few hundred more... :-)
Call Pankaj (9820415143) and check it out...
Ride safe. Have fun. :-)
Hey Anil,

How r u? Fomas Trail Bike?? Any idea about price (rough estimate?) If its a few hundred more than 5K, then it's definitely worth it to begin with!



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