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Hi Bikers,
The "Tour De France" is considered the richest road race in World cycling with numerous other Country's having their own respective "Tour-De-Races". In Asia , Malaysia is famous for the "Tour De Langkawi". Being a Mumbaikar i am familiar with the long running "Mumbai-Pune Cycle race" but totally illiterate on the other cycle races being held in various other parts of India. Would some cycling authorities please enlighten me on the various "Cycle races in India" and also the "PRIZE MONEY " offered. Ultimately, its the "Prize Money" attraction that keeps any sport actively alive professionally, otherwise it just becomes a "Passtime". Till date the media has never created a "Indian cycling star" or even given cycling much prominence in the "Sports Pages".Thanks to the reach and educative power of the "Internet" that manny genuinely interested cyclists have at least a common platform to voice their views and also learn about the sport in India from others.

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Hello, If you are talking about mountain cycling then few I know are Himachal MTB, Sikkim MTB, Poona Enduro. Talking of road race yes Mumbai to poona is a big one this tis it is sponsored by Mr. Sharad Pawar and the total sponsorship for the event is 10 time more, i.e, 8-9 lakhs. As you said more rewards more interest. In Banglore recently TI cycles are arranging few races. But if you are totaly intrested in cycles races the north India races and China race are your cup of tea.
Best of Luck.
Thanks for the information.Nice to know that the "Mumbai-Pune cycle race" has a decent prize to attract participants. Cycling is one of the most strenuous sports requiring daily practice and self-sacrifices on the normal pleasures of life.akin to cricket, it is ultimately "Big Prize money" that can make cycling a competitive and attractive youth sport in India akin to the Developed nations. Otherwise cycling might foreever remain a "Rich mans hobby" and a "poor mans" transport in India.
dint get you by the term "china race", will you please explain it, and give some details about the north indian races..
Fine, North India Race are the himalayan races i Sikkim, Himachal, etc and China Races are the Hong Kong: Action Asia MTB Race, Lamma Island, Tomb King Race , Genghis Khan MTB race, Inner Mongolia, China, Huangshan MTB, etc.
well just for the info, cycling as such isn't a very rewarding sport, in monetary terms.

even the best of cyclist are nearly half as much paid then our avg cricketers. Yes only that a lot money goes into the equipment & training. But the earned money of the riders ain't that much.

Looking at the current situation, it will still remain like that atleast for another 5-8yrs min, till people realize the existance of this sport, & understands it also.... cause the biggest barrier this sport presents is the very high costs of equipments, which is hard to justify by us for a measly bicycle!!! add to that the excessive training & pain one has to endure.



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