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I am planning to buy this cycle as this the entry level and newly launched and fairly priced, The cost is 14500 @ RR Bangalore.


Can someone let me know if this is good to go ?


Purpose - For early morning rides and weekend long drives.




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Thanks for sharing this. It's definitely a good bike for the money. Do take a test ride once.

Also compare it with GT's models in similar price range.
Thanks Amit

Mongoose is famed for there stunt bikes (BMX) and MTBs. They are kings in that field. Tough built, Mongoose products are absolutely reliable. I am sure you will love to use it. Only thing, if possible try to get a test ride on the Mongoose you plan to buy. Switchback is a typical MTB. For your road cruising, I do not know if it will take out your stamina. At entry level, this bike will teach you all that a cyclist has to learn. So, go ahead and I wish you the very best.

After a month's use, kindly post you feeling about Mongoose. 

Thanks Abraham

Now I am bit confuse after reading few blogs and forums between the following:-







These are in the same range. Any Ideas ?

There are hundreds of bike manufactures spread across Europe, Japan, Australia, and America who have made their products available to countries like India and China. The fact that India is far behind in bike technology and the fact that it has huge population that can afford a good bike makes it an attractive market.  

All the bikes that you have furnished looks the same for a beginner. It is not so for an advanced bike rider. Each of them has unique frame technology and geometry. Though hybrid, most of them are more mountain and less urban. The components too differ a lot across the bikes you have proposed.  End of the day, you have to settle for the one you like best. Some of the bikes that you have proposed are new to Indian market and no one might have used them on Indian roads. Hence, as a novice, I advise you not to get confused about all these bikes. End of the day, just know one thing: no bike is a master of all tricks! No one can put together the best of everything into a single model!!

Find out exactly what you want out of your bike. Then, fix you interest in two or three of the bikes. Zero-in on one of them.  It is like a buffet dinner... we got to pick what goes well with us and enjoy it.   

Abraham - Thanks a ton for taking time writing a reply. This indeed helps - I am 99% certain to go with new Mongoose. Hopefully I will get it this weekend. Fingers crossed :) 


Vijay, you don't need MTB for early morning rides & weekend long rides. You neither need suspension. I would advise you to go for a hybrid bike. I have been using Hybrid bike & it definitely serves the purpose of doing long rides on weekends. MTBs come with flat tires. So you have to put in more efforts to get speed. You also have an option of going for hybrid bike with suspension if you think suspension is important. Personally I don't think any sort of suspension is required for riding on roads.

Well, if you want to do off roads then only go for MTB.

Thanks Nachiket for your advise. What will be the option in 15K, I checked and all are above my budget. 


Moreover - Mongoose 2012 switchback sport is off and on road bike thats what the bike shop told me. I did a test ride too and I liked it. Which one do you have ?

Yeah that is right. I have schwinn Sporterra Comp 2010 model. I have killed more than 1000 Kms on it after the end of Mansoon season. I even did touring till Dapoli (Kokan) & back to Mumbai on it. I could do away with bad roads even with this hybrid without suspension. 


You are right that any MTB is supposed to do off roads. Rather that is what MTB is meant for. It definitely works on roads but you won't get much speed / you have to put extra efforts to get good speed.

Nachiket -- You were right buddy.. Hybrid is the option to go for my type of usage.


I have finalized and going to buy this weekend sporterra sports 2012 model


Can you review once.....



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