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mountain bike trails in Sanjay Ghandi National park

Does anyone know of any mb trails in Borovali or places that are within an hour of bandra, matthew

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Hey Renny!!! this is news to me!! I've always paid up at the counter every time i go in..infact some of those security guys now recognise me!! lolz!
Hey Mahesh, had we paid when we had gone a few months back? I didnt think we did( i might have forgotten maybe). Does that mean the daily morning joggers/walkers also pay for entry??

If so then forgive me all. Wrong info from my side about entry fee waiver
na na..

not even locals are allowed inside the gate before 7:30 am. exceptional cases may be there . vip and other &*^*&^

rest all have to pay 20 bucks. cycles are not charged. but motorist are charged extra.

vicky stays near by. please confirm.
Entry starts at 5 :30 in the morning, but only for walkers...walkers have a monthly pass that costs a minimal amount and they have be be out before 7:30....after 7:30 everyone is charged 20 bucks....
I have just picked up the last message and guess just missed a ride on Saturday. Is anyone going to Sanjay Gandhi on Sunday? (note correct spellling) in the next couple of weekends. - Post that the lonavala session starts with some big weekend rides.
Hi Matthew, we are planning the Sanjay Gandhi National park trail on this Sunday at 7:30 AM, please see the event tab. Do let me know if you wish to join and we will no is 9820821496
Yes that would be great! let me call you.
hi ..I also like to join ...i stay next to national park..i can see the gate from my house....heheh
my number is 9819692258
I am in too . when are you guys starting frm the park gate? 7:30 i assume. my number is 9892642394 . kindly give me a call as well. i stay 3 minutes (by cycle) away from the park!



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