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Mumbai Cyclothon, Feb 21 - another "Tour de Mumbai" ride... let's all ride as a group, shall we? :-)

We've all been enjoying our "Tour de Mumbai" rides for some time now... :-) 

Well, the Mumbai Cyclothon's coming up on 21 Feb... the next ride in our "Tour de Mumbai" series, perhaps...?! :-)

From the looks of it, there's going to be a huge crowd riding out there... So what say, we all start the ride together as a group instead of being scattered around, among the mass of riders at the start point... [Yeah, we just start together; then you can go at whatever pace you feel like... it's a race, after all... :-) ] 

Interested? Just reply and let me know by tomorrow (Saturday, 6 Feb) night... 

Ride safe. Have fun. :-)


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No confirmation on my registration as yet.
Yours is a good idea- but don't yet know if we are registered or not.
Quite annoying!
same here.
me confirmation on the registration :(...but would love to ride as a group!
I'm in
hi anil, this is shaldavya. I want to participate in this event. please let me know the detaila. Thanks.
Hey got my confirmation.
Thrilled to bits about the sea link.
Can we still manage tostart together?
would be so cool to do dat.
Got my confirmation.
Thrilled to bits about the sea link.
How do we co-ordinate so we start off together

how do they confirm .. by mail or by e-mail...?
It's confirmed not a race now. So, we could actually ride together for the whole ride, like CM?
We are planning to meet at the Bandra Cafe at 7 AM on Sunday, the whole group is gonna be there...
Would be glad to ride together !!!
Hey anil, I am with you .
cheers KD



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