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We want to cycle from Mumbai to Nashik and are wondering if the nh3 is very busy and if it would be better to go via Vada. It will take two days so we need a hotel halfway. If we take the nh3 we can sleep in shahapur but on the other route we don´t know if there is anything in between.
Is there anybody who know this area and can give us some advice?
We will start cycling 15 dec in Mumbai and will continue all the way up to Delhi

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Dear Troll

Thanks for the advice. When we were on our previous trip from Chennai to Mumbay via Madurai, Mysore, Kochi, Ooty, Goa and Ratnagari. We always tried to avoid the national highways because they are not so nice to cycle and a bit dangerous. But not all are the same and maybe this nh3 out of mumbay might be all right. But if this vada route is better (and nicer) we rather take this. But we don't know if there is a place to sleep and eat in Vada or close around. Maybe you can tell us?
Ron, the route through Vada is very scenic and fabulous. I haven't done this on the bicycle, but I have done this route on the motorcyle. You can find places to stay in Jawahar (I think around 40 KMs from Vada).
Jawahar has budget places as well as a decent resort called sunset point resort ( Jawahar would be around 140 Kms from Borivali, Mumbai.



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