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Guys, i need a new mode of transportation for going to coaching classes. I always loved cycling so now i want to cycle my way to coaching classes to study.

It will be a daily 6-7km commute.

I am not a cycle geek. I just love riding them.
So, i thought it would be good to buy the cycle suggested by you guys who know every bit of every cycle.

My budget is a strict 10k. I will be riding on flat roads to bumpy roads and even of road for a short time on my way. It will really help me if you guys respond with some suggestions.

And i am in a hurry. My mode of transportation is uneven till i buy one.

Thanks in advance. Love you guys.

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Buy a Mach City iBIKE - single speed.... its pretty sturdy but also very-light... i just sold off my SCHNELL and bought it ... rides pretty well too.

However, if you're looking to add a bit more class .. then go for Mach City Munich.... it's like a entry level racing/hybrid cycle which can really run... its heavier than the iBike...but boy does it look cool.

Thanks for the response. I went to some bicycle shops to see and get an idea. I don't think they keep these bikes. I will go again and ask them these models. Then i would see and decide.
As you know most of the shops only keep indian brands like hero,tata,Hercules etc.
I will try to find these bikes.
Thanks for your reply and maybe you can give any more suggestion about indian brands. It would be very helpful.

Those are very common nowadays... herein in gujarat they're everywhere... thanks to the parent company being BSA HERCULES.. :-D

Thanks i will be going to a bike shop tomorrow. I will tell you about that after i visit it.
I couldn't go to the bike shop. Anything else you would like to suggest? Like other cycles?

i dunno... i hear hero sprint is pretty cool for city riding..other than the machcity series... and ofcourse you can always pick up the cool...funky...geared...with mono/dual shock MTBS available from hercules or hero ... the new rodeo bikes are very cool...

Nevertheless, there will be other bikes in SCHNELL, DODGE, KROSS, etc.... but try to keep them 2nd priority...

Yeah but i would like to stick to your first suggestion. The mach city.
One more thing no geared cycles. I want simple. So no gears. I would try to visit a shop this sunday.

I would want you to go with a MTB or a hybrid. Because, you say that a part of the road will be rough. Daily commuting with a bike like a city one will prove to be a hassle for the tyres. Nevertheless to say, I've ridden the Mach City and found it smooth. Still, I wouldn't recommend it for off roading things, even for a bit. For your budget, under 10k, I think the best one I could find is Hercules Roadeo Riot 26". It looks sturdy, feels sturdy and pedalling isn't a menace at all. It's smooth on flat surfaces and well equipped to handle rough terrain and off roads. Surprisingly, I clocked around 36 kmh so you can expect the bicycle to be swift. You have my word for it. Finally, go with the bicycle that you find to be fit for you.

Have you considered a BtWin Rockrider?

Also, if you have a *strict* 10k budget, please set aside about Rs 1.5k for a helmet. Some amount also for locks, stands etc. unless you can bargain hard and get the seller to throw these in for free. Choose your own good quality helmet. Even if you can bargain a helmet into the deal, avoid it. Most dealers will care more about their margins than your head's safety.

X-Bicycle Cliff Single Speed Bike.... Light Weight ... Its available in 26",27.5,29" IN three colors Blue, Yellow, Red... Features:- MTB Bike Hi Tensile Frame with Suspension fork, Double wall Rims, Disc Brakes, MTB Saddle, Plastic Fenders, PVC Pedals. 



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