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Need help, I want to go on a trip of 600 km.

I want someone with an experience of a long ride to answer the following please...

1.Suggest a Mini hand pump to carry which can inflate my BSA MACH 22 single speed as it got    Dunlop and Shrader valves.

2.What is the suggested distance on flat road for a day so that I can cont. on the next day       without fatigue? (I did a 125 km ride once).
3.Things to carry along for utmost pleasure of riding light. (I am not camping anywhere)

4.Type of food to take while riding and before the ride.

5.Suggest a Cheap compact cyclo computer with basic features like speed and distance.

6.I tan easily, so suggest a sun screen :)

7.Is it bad to drink Red bull while cycling?

Please give your own suggestions and links to some of your ride blogs for motivation. Thank you. ___/\___

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Answering point 2 & 7...

2 -- If your are touring 125 km (ride you have done) is about optimum. More than that, that is more than 7-8 hours (considering riding @ leisurely speed of 20 kmph) is will not be good for enjoying your ride and day after.

7 -- Drinking redbull and exercising is not good for health in any case. In fact any cafeinated drink + excercise is not that great. You can try ice-tea, or normal hot tea (in cold conditions). But drink plenty of fluids in any case.

7. i read somewhere that coconut water abundantly available in India has more nutrients that helps during long rides than any branded drinks like gatorade etc  :)

Aditya, you are absolutely right. Green coconut water has all the necessary minerals, vitamins and anti-oxidants for a supplement to accompany a long and exhausting ride. However, each person has his own limits of endurance and long distance cycling is best enjoyed when you stop when your body wants you to stop. Over-exercising, hard pedaling and continuous cycling for over 20 kms at a stretch is not recommended. Moreover, long distance riders should always have fluids and supplement of multivitamins, combined with minerals and anti-oxidants throughout the ride to prevent damage to their bodies - example : "Zincovit" tablets one every day after breakfast during the ride and continued 15 days after completion of the ride :)

yeah...wonder how much planning and training goes into all the big events like TFN, Tour de France & RAAM ..

Basab, where are u put up..? if u at bangalore...we cud ride for a meetup ..

Hi Aditya, we can certainly meet up this weekend. My cell no is 9731526622

Also recently bought a chinese (don't remember the brand name) wirless cyclo computer. Basic but decent one (claiming to be water proof) for 850 Rs.

Thanks everyone completed my 697.6 km ride in 7 days from hyderabad to kakinada. will upload pics and experience in a day or two. Coconut water is the best. 

awesome bro :)

kakinada is ma native town ...i guess it must b really hot there before the monsoon ..has it arrived at kkd?

where u staying at kkd and next where u heading to and mode of travel ?

hyd-kkd pix plzzz

Was really really hot could not take many photos as I left Kovvur at 1100 hrs and had to cover 133 km to reach Kakinada beach by evening 1900 hrs and take bus at 2015 hrs. I came back home (hyderabad) by bus. This pic I took near Samarlakota. 

  hahahahah Color transition XD

yeah..hanuman at SLO ...hmm..where ur native dude ? are u by chance staying at blr ?

Native is Ongole. Staying in Hyd.

ok...i thought u r bengali yar :)

ey bike..road bike aa for the hyd-kkd trip ?

IT job aa ?




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