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Hi there,

I am Rakesh Raja from Rajkot, Gujarat. I am new in this bicycle world.  I am going to start riding bicycle. Need your help in choosing a right one. Budget is around 20k

I will do daily commute, Morning cycling for fitness.  Overall approx 10-15kms average. If my endurance increase, I can, My plan is to ride big like 50KM or more.

I yet to decide which type of bike I should buy.  With gears or without.  I really like the Fixie bikes.  For example.

Montra Fixie

Pure Cycles

The Reason, why I like fixie is that It needs minimum maintenance, It looks cool. It will be lightweight. Can anyone give me a review of any of these bikes or any other fixie you know in India?

I am also looking for advice if the geared bicycle is also good for me, if yes why and which one I should buy.

Best Regards

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