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Hellow, i am new to this forum, and I am ready to take up cycling once again after so many years, well you know how it is, you grow up, crave for bigger toys and then your old cycle is lying around the garage, waiting on you. So Now its time for me to go back to my old friend and relive the moments and I am sure this time its going to be more fun.

So, I need you to help me decide on my ride. I would like to buy a hybrid cycle or mountain bike whichever suits me best, as most of the days I'll be riding it in city and occassionally I would like to do off-roading.

I am 5 feet 6" so I need to know which cycle will be comfortable for me, I tried looking for a chart showing your Height and Bike Body Inches comparison.

Secondly, I would like to know the Shops in mumbai where I can get a bike within a range of 5 to 10 grands and which one i should got for,

Well, working sitting in front of the computer for 10 - 12 hours sure takes a toll on your body, my fitness level aint that great at the moment, Though involve myself in cardio exercises one or twice in a week, Can someone also suggest how do i prepare myself for long rides, someone posted that they are organising a Mumbai - shirdi tour in February, I would like to participate in the same.

Also, I think i will feel very vulnerable if I'll take my bike out on the highway in traffic until i build up confidence, can someone give me some tips on how do we ride on a highway.

Thank you for your time and valuable suggestions.

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Hi Tejaswita,

Welcome here.... you have come to the right place to rejuvenate the joy of the lowly bicycle again.

I'll be straight to the point. the thing is you are saying too many things at once & by this I'm unable to clearly know what is it that you really want from your 1)your bicycle 2) your rides???

Do you want to ride for fitness or long rides & really riding so to speak??? you also mentioned about touring... See it's easy in the beginning to think & want to do many things at the same time, fitness, riding, touring, training etc..!!! Though your real interest will only come out once you actually start riding.

So where do you actually want to ride??? just off roads or Road riding, deciding this in the beginning is a bit dicy but very imp cause that will decide your bike, a MTB is ridable on the road but it's not half as efficient on roads as a Road bike. If you want to do touring then MTB wont really be that much efficient. A hybrid is a better option but good hybrids don't come cheap...min 20-25k to start with.

getting on the rides... riding long is'nt very difficult but requires a lot of training, & riding long rides for 1 day is a world different from doing it on a tour for 3-4days. Im not sure how fast will the Shirdi Touring group be riding; but with only 1 month I don't think there's enough time for you to train for such a tour. you can still give it a try...for that you'll need to decide on the bike fast & spend atleast 4days a week for training.

Riding on the highway definitely requires good bike control and confidence which comes with time no worries.
Hi Kaushik, thanks for the prompt reply. I am sorry if I was not able to put across my message clearly.

i want to take up Riding for Pleasure which requires Fitness, In order to get myself fit enough for Long rides, i wanted to know if there is any specific regime that one can follow, I dont want to push myself too hard though. I would like to go for Road bikes but the skinny tyres makes me skeptical about the balancing. Can you suggest a good shop in Mumbai who is knowledgeable about bikes and will be able to sell me a good bike and also provide after service.

Initially I am planning to go to National Park for riding as its pretty near from where i stay or Goregaon Aarey road, But as you said, Bike control and confidence comes with time, for which I am planning to spend a LOT of time with my bike.
I saw some bikes in hyper City, any reviews about the bikes they sell in Hyper City?
don;t worry about shops, once you decide on a bike there are plenty to get your bike from.

THe major thing you have to decide is whether you want a MTB or a Roadbike.
I only ride roadbikes, My very expensive MTB is eating dust ;P & there's nothing like a roadbikes on the road.... those skinny tyres aren't a problem...just that you have to be a bit alert & careful while riding...not to go into places where it can lead to a fall.

It requires a bit of time to get used to it that's all. Honestly no shop in Mumbai has much know how about these stuff... anyway, but never go for these Hypercity bikes, they're just crap...just about ok for small rides. not sure about tours???

Aarey is a good place to ride in the mornings, I come there during the weekdays sometimes in the early mornings.

But you have just made a classy contradiction..."i want to take up Riding for Pleasure which requires Fitness, In order to get myself fit enough for Long rides" - "I dont want to push myself too hard though"
Long rides require you to train a lot & that means pushing hard.... Tours like the one you want to participate require to cycle atleast 100-110kms in avg in a day atleast for 5-6days. Well pushing hard is a relative term...initially even 10kms will seem hard.... but only if you train enough & push yourself will you be able to ride longer distances.
i want to take up Riding for Pleasure which requires Fitness, In order to get myself fit enough for Long rides" - "I dont want to push myself too hard though"

sorry, i meant didnt want to Push myself too hard with training myself till February, anyway I wont be able to make it for the Tour to Shirdi due to personal reasons, So i might as well take my own sweet time.

I will go to The gear in Bandra around Christmas, By that time I am sure I'll be able to decide on something.

Thanks for your help :)
Hey Tejaswita,
welcome to cyclists group....
u want to bye cycle, here r some Referances :---
in Chembur -Amar Mahal (near Eastern Exp Highway) after Fine Arts Flyover Over Narang Cycle Shop...
Dadar Near Portugese Church Pankaj Marlesh Cycle Shop....
Western- Line Bandra - Faishal Thakur Shop, Gear Cycle Shop & Mount Marry Cycle shop, 16th Road, Linking Road,Bandra West. Kalbadevi, Metro Cycles & Many more on the Same Lane....
Gopal Rao
93204 22104
Hi Tejaswita ,
there are many discussions that have been done on this forrum regarding bike selection technicalities , pl do read them & You will get most of the answers , do not hurry & never buy when you are exicted ...thats the st mantra :) , i will try to give here all those links of info soon .

Its a good decision you have taken about choosing cycling to keep fit .
Cheers & welcome
This post on bikezone by Vandit should help..will clear a lot of doubts..
Thanks a lot sunny. Very helpful indeed.
Ok...So Finally i got my Bike ..

Schwinn Searcher ( Will upload the pics later )

And yes Thank a lot GAUTAM for being so helpful :)

Appreciate it.
Schwinn Searcher, I see it here at trackandtrail. I know what exactly you mean by sitting on a computer for 10-12 hrs. I do the same and I have same worries of my health as you. You chose the right bike for yourself. I don't suggest doing an off-road riding on this though. It will kill a hybrid but for road its a great thing.

Good luck with your rides.
Hi, Yes it was pretty tiring , but hey i got what i wanted. :)

Yes wont be doing much off roading .. :)

there is a small problem that happened... I got my bike last night, I paid for Searcher but the dealer sent over Sporterra... He's going t replace it today.

Thanks :)



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