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Hellow, i am new to this forum, and I am ready to take up cycling once again after so many years, well you know how it is, you grow up, crave for bigger toys and then your old cycle is lying around the garage, waiting on you. So Now its time for me to go back to my old friend and relive the moments and I am sure this time its going to be more fun.

So, I need you to help me decide on my ride. I would like to buy a hybrid cycle or mountain bike whichever suits me best, as most of the days I'll be riding it in city and occassionally I would like to do off-roading.

I am 5 feet 6" so I need to know which cycle will be comfortable for me, I tried looking for a chart showing your Height and Bike Body Inches comparison.

Secondly, I would like to know the Shops in mumbai where I can get a bike within a range of 5 to 10 grands and which one i should got for,

Well, working sitting in front of the computer for 10 - 12 hours sure takes a toll on your body, my fitness level aint that great at the moment, Though involve myself in cardio exercises one or twice in a week, Can someone also suggest how do i prepare myself for long rides, someone posted that they are organising a Mumbai - shirdi tour in February, I would like to participate in the same.

Also, I think i will feel very vulnerable if I'll take my bike out on the highway in traffic until i build up confidence, can someone give me some tips on how do we ride on a highway.

Thank you for your time and valuable suggestions.

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> there is a small problem that happened... I got my bike last night, I paid for
> Searcher but the dealer sent over Sporterra... He's going t replace it today.

You should have kept it, got 7000/- rupees for free (if you have made advance payment) ;)
huh? My bike is expensive than what he has sent!!!

Searcher is for 14800 whereas Sporterra is for 12,300/-
wait a minute, let me check... C..H .. E .. C... K .. I... N .. G .....

oh.. no... holy cow .. I thought you were talking about Sporterra Comp. Why can't I take this bike off my mind :\
You got your bike replaced ?
yes i idid..came a bit early fromn office and went folr a Ride..

Loved it :)
Congratulations. Have a happy biking life :)
Congratulations Tejiswita ,
for all the efforts you took to select the bike ,

reading so much of information ,

the ear for details ,

The patience you have had while going through the selection process :) .

Cheers to Your efforts deserve the BEST & Wish You a Very happy , Healthy & Safe Riding
thanks a lot Gautam :)
i have a proffessional japanese bike , light weight , Nakamura , carbon frame which i want to sell. Just returned from abroad and if you need to see it, call me on +91 9004359140
I think for riding on the highway these tips will be immensely useful:

and read these two when you have some time to kill. It may save your money while keeping your ride in full fun:



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