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I'm a Dentist aged 34 , Ht: 5'3'' Wt: 64. Inseam: 29.5.

I'm planning for to buy a good quality BIKE. My budget is 20k.

After browsing for some time i couldn't decide to go for Hybrid or MTB.

i stay in a town where my road aren't good. I like to go for a ride on weekends for 30-50kms.

i live near Bangalore.

I saw 2-3 bikes

1. Btwin Rockrider 500- Rs20000.

2. Btwin Riverside 3 men- Rs.20000

3. Montra Blues 1.1 -19k+

4. Bianchi Dual -21.5k

 Please suggest me a good bike in my budget, other than these models & brands is Ok for me. 

Thanks in Advance.

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If the roads, are seriously horrible, then MTB is best, otherwise go for Hybrid.
Try searching for reviews on all these bikes by people that use them regularly.
I personally own a Decathlon/Btwin and can say that I am satisfied with what I got.
There are good reviews for Riverside 3 men.
The main thing is that you need to get a bike that fits you properly.
I checked online for bike size calculator and gave your measurements to see which size of bike you require.
It says 16" or 17" MTB and 50cm - 52cm (19" - 20") hybrid, although this is very inaccurate and the best fit for you can only be done by you.

Thank you Aaron.

i will take this in to consideration. If i can stretch my budget to 25k is there any good bikes. 

I personally have never ridden a hybrid bike, and have not a lot of info. on them.

But, I do know that at MRP, a decent hybrid will cost at least between 25-30 grand.

The brands that also have decent hybrids are Schwinn, Scott, Fuji or Merida.

The internet is loaded with info. you just have to look for it. 

thank you aaron

Hi Aaron Track and trail offering schwinn sporterra 4 for 21k should i go for it?


Yes, go for it.
But, take a test ride of it, and see if it is of your size, otherwise it will be useless if it is not your size and may find it hard to ride.
Good Luck!!!

Thanks aaron,

Did spoke to them Cannondale quick 5 2014 white was offered for 36k, quick 6 2015 was offered 33k. Quick 5 2015 was priced same.

i'm confused now which one to choose. I can stretch my budget to 33k. 

Give me the final decision 

See, this is good, having a whole lot of choices. 

By what you are telling me about the price difference of Quick 5 2014 Vs. 2015, it is clear that the 2015 model has downgraded components.

Quick 6 2015 has a chromoly-steel fork and is definitely better than and alloy one, steel forks are better at absorbing road vibrations.

Do check this bike also: Trek 7.1 FX 2013 -

You may find the above trek at either a good bicycle store that sells them or at any FireFox Showroom (be wary, many of the employees at FireFox are reported as being NOT very good at handling bikes).

Some people say that buying brands like Trek and Cannondale, one gets a good resale value with the bike, but the bike may be a bit more expensive. But with not so dominant brands such as Schwinn and Fuji, you get a value for money bike. 

The final decision has to be made by you. I am here just as a guide, to help you out in finding the right bike.

Remember, since now you have a good range of bikes that you can pickup, you must take a test ride of each bike, the bike must be of your size and be fitted to/for you. There is every chance that you might not like the cannondale and would prefer the Schwinn and is even possible the other way around, hence a test ride is necessary.

Good Luck!!!

Thank you everyone for all those valuable suggestions.
Hi Aaron thanks a lot.
I went to dealer yesterday (track & trail) RR International, Kormangala,Bangalore.
The owner is Mr. Ramesh he's good. I tried with myntra Rock & blues but didn't like their quality of components very cheap( one customer got assembled in front of me the frame on the handle bar is not painted ,it shows its steel coated with aluminium Looks wise).
I got confused after seeing so many models.
I tried some bikes Schwinn sportera didn't suits my ht even though its small. The frame was touching my inbtwn legs.
So I was on quick 5 it was good I test drove it. It's comfortable.
I took Quick 5 2014 model for 32k after bargaining he gave bell, rear lamp, and a decathalon lock as a compliment.
That's green quick 5
I drove it for around 13-14 Kms which was after 20yrs didn't find any difficulty smooth ride. It's comfortable, fast & easygoing.
Enjoying ride.
Congratulations on your purchase and wish you many happy miles.
Please go through this video to get a basic bike fit done for you:

Now, one must purchase a pair of tubes, tyre levers, and a frame or mini-pump, this can be very helpful when you are carrying them with you to work because they can save you if you ever have a puncture in the middle of nowhere.



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