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Need Suggestions For a Good Hybrid Bicycle around 40K range

Hi Friends,

I am an armature cyclist started cycling with a normal bicycle in November-2015. Now I am planning to go for a good bicycle which can help me to cover long distances over 200 KMs. My preference is a Hybrid Bike of around 40 thousand budget.

My selections preference-wise are:

1. TREK 8.3 DS

2. Giant Roam 2

3. Giant Roam 3

4. Scott relevant model.

Can any one please suggest which is the best buy for a sub-40K budget? And whay size should I buy? Will a 29 inch wheel option suit me?

My height is 5'5" - 5'6" and weight is around 75KG. Age around 38 years.

Also, I dont know much technical aspects about cycling and need this for daily commuting as well as for fitness. 

Your suggestions are awaited.

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They're all good bikes.
It's upto you to test ride them, with a basic bike fit and see which one you feel comfortable with, this will be the major factor for a 100Km+ ride.
Don't get into wheel size, it will confuse you.
Hybrid bikes all have the same wheel diameter (generally, a few exceptions exist).
There are a few "bike size calculators" online, you just have to google them, give your measurements, and you'll get a rough idea about what bike size you need. (since they aren't accurate)

Thank you Aaron! The most technical aspect which is beyond my knowledge is can I get a 29 inch wheel option with a small or medium frame? Secondly, I am confused with the two brands now, TREK or Giant. All reviews suggest both are good brands. But, which is better for Indian road conditions. Also could you please suggest, if a Hydrolic Disc Brake or a Mechanical one?? Of course Hydrolic one would have been better as far as functionality is concerned. But for maintenance and prolonged use? Which one should I go for? 

- The term "29inch wheels" is only applied for mountain bikes having wheels with diameter of 622mm (also marked as 700c), and come with huge tyres for off road use.
- A hybrid bike in general has a wheel diameter of 622mm, but it doesn't have the fat tyres.
- If the above is confusing; like I said, don't get into wheel sizing.
- If your roads are bad, then you should focus on a "trail-focused" hybrids which come with slightly fatter tyres and a front sus. Trek 8.2DS and Giant Roam 2 or 3.
- Disk brake option is upto you.
Hydraulics require comparatively less maintenance, but when you get down to it, it's a bit harder; and you would also have to deal with getting DOT3 or DOT4 brake fluid.
Mechanicals require a bit more maintenance, but it's much easier to perform it.

Sure, this information will help me a lot. I will keep checking for the available options in this range. Yes, I am looking for a bike with front suspension and lockout features, so that this can help me in driving over terrains as well as on smooth pavements. Thank you once again.

Finally going for a Giant Roam 2 2016 model.. Thank you Aaron for your suggestions.

I have a Montra hybrid (blues 1.1) done about 3000 kms in the last 6 months. the main thing is the frame size. for your height it could be medium. there is a thing called stand over height. this is very important. when you stand over the horizontal bar of the cycle without your shoes with both feet on the floor your crotch should not touch the bar. you can start from this. I can suggest to buy the best cycle available matching your 40k budget. any reputed brand like giant , trek , Scott etc will have most of the basic features required for a hybrid. do a little internet search it will give you lot of inputs on buying a hybrid bike. the bikes you have mentioned are all quality stuff. you can buy any bike which you like most.

Thank you Harikesh! Yes, I too ride around 200-250kms a week with my present bicycle. And I got your point for the size measurement. This will help me in deciding one. I am trying online search, but the features are so technical that they are beyond my understanding :) . However, I still await a decision on whether to go for TREK or Giant. 



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