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Hi Guys

I plan to buy a bike in a month or so.

I want something that is 

1.available in Pune

2.should be light, have dics on both wheels.

3.suitable for the road/offroad suspension or only in the front.

5.24 gears


7. max price around 20k

I hope to do some long distance riding on and off the road.

I am not particular about the brand,but it obviously should be a decent brand.

Could anybody recommend a dealer?

Thanks in advance

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forget about point 2,that is not so important as long as the brakes are good :)

Hi, im selling out my bike.

pls check this link : click here

Hi Sanat

Thanks for the information,really appreciate it.

I currently have a hero thunder MTB ,it served its purpose and was on of the better bikes when i bought it 6 years ago.

I did some riding around on it,the longest being about 100km.

I am lookng forward to riding again once I get back to Pune.

What do you think about the trek fx 7.1?

You can go for Merida Matts 20-V but the price is 27500/- or Matts 20-MD 29500/-

You can check the specs here -

Hi Kunal,

I am interested in buying your Hero Thunder MTB. I can be contacted on 9420063000 or

You can go in for Kranthi's bike if you don't mind buying a used one. She is offering a good deal.

1. Almost all brands are available there. You are free to choose.

2. Only if you do some serious off-roading and willing to spare 50k.

3. What you need is a hybrid.

4. No logic here. Read your line about the discs.

5. Why only 24?

6. No Indian brands then.

7. Ya, right.

Go for the Rockrider 5.0, get accessories with the rest of the money. Done.

I think i will stick with the hero mtb for now :)

Maybe we can meet up sometime Deepak...i am sure you can teach me a thing or two about riding off road , then i can decide if i need a hybrid or a MTb.

Thanks for the info

Sure. It's always good to save up and buy something better :)



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