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Nihit Agarwal banned from the site. Please note the reason.

Dear Members,

Once in a while, we do get the occasional spammer who registers on the site and tries to publish offensive/vulgar content. Members/Group owners alert me (the site admin) and I immediately delete the member. There are no second chances as they're clearly non-cyclists trying to sell meds or porn with fake profiles.

Which brings me to the case of Nihit Agarwal. He's been active on the site for some time and has interacted with members. He's also one of the organisers of the upcoming India Triathlon in 2010. In this regard, he had plastered the event links all over the site once before. It messed up the home-page time-line and irritated members. I'd politely requested him at the time to not repeat this as it's considered SPAM.

Tonight, he chose to ignore the past and bombarded the site with his event links again. Every possible group was affected. Lots of members were pissed. Some group owners even mailed me right now to give him another warning.

I decided to ban this member simply because he didn't respect the other member's wishes and he chose to ignore my previous warnings. I'm documenting this as a forum topic here because this isn't the first time something like this has happened on the site. There are many people who get carried away in their enthusiasm and start pasting their links on every possible group. That's NOT how you create a positive interest. If anything, you're alienating people. Unsolicited messages are SPAM. Period.

Anyway, I hope the site continues to remain clean and SPAM free. I appreciate all the feedback!

Amit Bhowmik
[Site Admin]

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nice call amit. :-)
I support your action, Amit.
Hey Buddy,

Thanks for doing this & also documenting it. May be this discussion link should be there permanently on the home page or in site rules so that every one knows about this.
Thanks Guys. I didn't want to ban a legitimate member but he left me no choice.

gooood. A nice clean site what we need always
Hey Amit, I was really hoping for this....infact i was wondering why this action hadnt been taken earlier. I infact even happened to visit the Grey Matter Films office and had clearly told Nihit, that if they have a specific event in mind, then there are other ways of presenting/promoting them. Honestly i cud tell they cudnt care less...
Good riddance...
Just leave it alone is my opinion. Good riddance of him!
Also knowing how many fellow country men can actually swim, it will be sight to watch :-)
good action ...........
I Second your decision. Good work bro....



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