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NO SHOW at EVENTS that cyclist register for!!! WTF??

7 WANNA BE participants who had registered for the 12th june BRM did not show up yesterday..... 3 gave a last minute call to say they were "unable" to come!


all 7 are educated, or at least literate, some professionals, all comp/net savvy, have the skills and the means..... lets just say we aren't dealing with the underprivileged uneducated labour class of this country whom i excuse of this kind of behaviour


while i can understand that they changed their mind about riding..... i fail to understand what possibly could have prevented them from making that phone call!! during and after that time some of the these 7 have been online, posting what they did instead of attending a BRM that THEY registered for! i also fail to understand why they signed up at all?? no one held a gun to their heads!!


4 of us randonneurs/organisers were up till past midnight preparing their Brevets cards, route cards, etc before WE could prepare to RIDE the BRM ourselves on only 3-4 hours of sleep!! to speak nothing of the time and energy spent in the 2-3 previous days or the fact that insurance was taken to cover their participation!

the 7 no shows, no calls were....

Madhur Telang - Pune

Kevin Rekhy - Mumbai

Sumit Pal - Pune

Vikas Vitthal - Mumbai

Vinay Vishwakarm - Mumbai

Sunny Awasthi - Mumbai

Aditya Ponkshe - Pune


all 10 will recieve an email telling them how to make good the fees that they agreed to pay in the registration form! 

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Hi Divya, It was mere bad luck that hit us with an unexpected puncture just before lonavala 4am on the mumbai pune express way in the morning. By the time we got help and fixed it was 6.30 am already still an hour drive to pune. It was not before 7.30 - 8 we could had been there. Over shooted the start window.


Couldnt had left earlier as I was working till 11pm on saturday ... Left Sunday Morning at 2.30am with no sleep all of them.  Rest 3 were dependent on me for the travel as i had a rack for 3 cycles and Vinays road bike was dismantled in the boot.


Sunny Awasthi, Vinay Vishwakarm and Naveed Khan(last minute entry on phone) were in the same car. I had informed Mehul Ved about the scenario at 5am when hopes were lost to make it. Was trying Mehul as his phone not reachable today. 


I know that the registration amount has to be paid as suggested in the form we filled and i can assure you none of us were running away from it, will surely get it through to you, its my responsibility for all the names in this reply. 

mam we are sorry we couldnt reach as we our car was punctured. by the time the issue was resolved it was 630 in lonavala. we tried all our best to come bt time was a problem. and Saby Rodrigues co ordinated with some one on behalf of us. that is why we personally din't make a call. He was the 1 to register me. i seriously wanted to do this. all of us had practised a lot for this. bt it was our bad luck. we are sorry. but i feel mine n vinays name should not be included here because saby rodrigues had informmed mehul ved about us also. sorry!


Saby, Vinay

There was a miscommunication from my side. I have clarified this with Divya.

Thanks a ton Mehul

saby, sunny, vinay

did not know that 4 of you were together, and that saby's ph call was to inform about all of you.


thanks divya :)

thanx :)




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