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Hello everyone,

I've been cycling occasionally by renting a bike from Colaba, and have been contemplating a purchase of either a hybrid or road bike with a budget of 15,000. 

With my height (6'3', or 192 cms), I really require a large frame bike, so any guidance on which options would be best suited (brand, frame etc.) for a beginner will be appreciated. 

Thank you!

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1. I don't think any hybrid in your budget comes in that size. Road bikes under 40k (In My Opinion) are a bad idea.
2. The only other option you have left is MTB, and there are only two decent ones, Montra Rock 1.0 and Btwin Rockrider 340. Montra doesn't come in your size, where as the Rockrider does.
3. Can you please give your inseam height?

Hi Aaron,

Thanks for your reply. My inseam is about 36 inches. 

Yup, you need the bigger Rockrider 340 (size L or 21").
Your other option is to increase your budget by about 10k and get the hybrid Riverside 3 which is also available in size L.

Okay, will have a look at both options. 

You should check out the Btwin Bikes at Decathlon (Thane). They're within your budget and I've seen large frames too.

Cool, will have a look at



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