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With my recent loss of my brand new trek 4300 few days back( it was stolen , check my blog for details), i intend to buy a folder.

with a lot of research, i found that we have very few options in India(Mumbai)

Dahon is available but the 26" tyre variant is 45k, and the other two models available (20"tyres) make it look like a kid cycle

I checked up Oyama ( 26 tyres) and would like to have feedback on the same. It weighs 14kgs and is good at first ride and is around the 11k range...please suggest

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Most folders have 20" wheels. Despite the smaller wheel size, the riding position is similar to full sized bikes due to extended seat posts, adjustable handlebars. The 20" wheels also result in a smaller folded size which is ideal for carrying around in buses/trains or storing at home/office.

However, if you specifically want a full sized 26" folder, and are very good options. Their build quality is excellent. However, these will easily cross 40k or more to import.

With folding bikes, you need to be sure of the build quality. Cheap frames/hinges will get weak with regular use.
wow..thx for the input Amit...i really like ur point about the frame weakness with use...thx
Folders - take a look at the Moultons - in a league of their own :
Hi Anool..anybody selling Moultons in Mumbai?
I doubt. You may have to find an online retailer to ship it here.
By the way, folding bikes from Moulton, Brompton, Bike Friday etc are VERY expensive. Add shipping costs and import duties to that and you're looking at a 70k+ price tag. Maybe more.
Hi! Amitabh,

If you are interested in Folding Bikes... Check our Dahon Folding Bikes which have just been launched in India. Dahon is the World Leader in Folding Bikes.. you can check out the models available in India at

Also you can check out Rohan's (Bums on the Saddle) review of Dahon Vitesse D7 here -

Hope this helps.. Regards



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