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One can go about painting an old bike.
Here are a few things you will need before starting out.

1. 1 Litre can of STRIPEE Paint Remover (available in all paint shops in india)
2. 1 Can of spray paint of your choice of colour (GLOSS)
3. 1 Can of Clear Coat Lacquer
4. 2 x (2" bristle) size brush

Start of first by completely dismantling your bike. Remove all your components like the handlebar, stem, shifters, etc. After you have the bare frame in your hand, take it out to a secure (open to sky or properly ventilated) area. Apply Stripee with the first brush liberally. It should be literally dripping from your frame after application. Leave the frame alone for about 45 mins for Stripee to do its job.

After that use old news papers to wipe off the gooey pain which has been released from your frame. If you have a small car pressure washer at home even better. Just spray off the paint from the frame.

Wash the frame with detergent powder and allow it to dry.

After it is dry and you are happy with the bare state of the frame, find a nice spot where you can hang the frame onto. Hang the frame at this spot with a steel binding wire or any thin steel wire through the seat tube, bottom bracket, or head tube. Make sure you do it in such a way that you should be able to move around the frame with ease.

Get your first can of spray paint and start spraying from a distance of about 1~1/5 Feet away from the frame. Keep your strokes small , and first cover the whole frame with one layer. Repeat this until the whole frame is covered with your pain evenly and nothing is dripping down from it.

Let it dry for a couple of hours, then come back and repeat the same steps with the can of clear lacquer.

If you want to add any graphics you can do it between the paint and lacquer step.

I personally like my frames to be of matt finish, so I opt for matt paint and no lacquer. This is better when you are doing mountain biking, because everytime you scratch your frame - you can just patch it up with the same colour remaining from the can of matt paint.


What I also do is first use stripee paint remover

Then Sand Blast the frame

Then Apply Stickers and Lacquer

Complete the Bike

Then go out for a ride !


Hope this helped someone out there !

SAMI MAKKI / Orbea Bikes India

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fantastic information

Nice explanation with pictures. I found it very useful...Thanx



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