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My requirements are for a Mountain Bike are:-

-Front and rear disk brakes
-80mm or 100mm Front suspension Fork
-Under 20,000Rs/-

So my options are:-
1. Schnell Rover @ 18k                (17" frame is too small i guess for my height)
2. Firefox Target @16k               (63mm forks r weak)
3. Suncross R1 @18.7k               (looks arent that great)
4. GT AGGRESSOR 1.0(2012)        (built quality and reviews are not good)

Which one should I go for and why?

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I got a Schwinn frontier expert for sale if u r looking for a bike used for a price 25k.selling for 18k.its MTB with front shocks and disc brakes.shimano acera 24 gears.

M thinking of considering Upland Leader 700 @22.5k

Alivo 27 gears, Schwalbe BLACK JACK 2.2 tyres,  Hydraulic Disc-Brake 160mm, 100mm suspension fork,...

Specs seems too good for the price.

Can You tell where are the prices written and from where did you get the cycles

I called in their offce and got the prices...
But the sad thing is that the frame size is 17"... Which i think is too small

wich one montra jazz or rock 1.? @ninad pednekar

r u sure the price is 22.5k??
it wud help me if u tell me the price of RM Flash 70 or Typhoon 70 and Upland M6011/M5015.. :)
thanx in advance!

go for montra rock 1 or jazz u can find 1 in neptune magnet mall in bhandup it is on the 1st floor there is a bsa shop there u can choose from there

i got a urban trail dude 2.1 , the only drawback is that it needs to be maintained regularly , you cant afford to ignore the squeaky sounds that crop up. Ive had it for 2 months n have done abt 500 km .  Its the only cycle that offers you 100mm suspension, Suntour XCT MLO 26-100. The frame is 17" but im 175 cm tall and its just perfect with a very low center of gravity for better control. I do about 60% road trips and 40% trails. I use the cycle extremely roughly,even when im on the roads i ride along the footpaths and drains and often do drop offs and jumps of more than a foot, so far its held up fine with no major issues. The set screws on the gears need to be adjusted regularly. the cycle weighs abt 14 kgs. I got it for 16.7K.
Under 20 K you really cant expect much.It offers the same hardware as bikes that cost abt 20-24K.  A good,reliable mtb will be at least 30K ( Trek, Cannondale, Merida etc )

What i plan to do is as  the parts wear out, i will replace them with good trusted hardware so the bike holds up real good. Do consider the Urban Trail 2.1dude,  if it suits your height. Cheers and happy riding!


well montra series is also good i think @darren pinto costs 17 k 

Why don't you check out the BTWIN Rockrider 5.2? Here are the specs : 

Where do i get btwin bikes in mumbai?

Where do i get btwin bikes in mumbai?



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