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Hi all

I am planning to buy a bicycle for daily use and workout.

My height is 5'10-5'11 ft and my weight is 111 kgs and my age is 25.

I am new to bikes and require guidance.

So please suggest me a good bike. My budget is 20-25k.

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Hi All,

I have similar question, however I have shortlisted two bikes Hi Bird Gunman and GLS, which one should I go for ?

scott aspect 60 price at 22000 absolute value for money

ride safe stay fit
happy cycling
chirag shah 9820478505

as you suggest me the same bike I when ahead and bought it !!! and as you say  it a great value for money !! I think it better the trek and cheaper also  !!!! 

thanks a lot for the advice !!! 

Hi Malvika - We're getting complaints from members that you're spamming all blogposts and group threads with the same Cyclop Link. Despite there being clear groups for selling/buying on this site, why continue pasting the same FB link?

Hope you've read our Terms of Use and rules against spam -

"Amit, if Malvika  is interested, she can handle the group I had formed a year ago, rather then wean away people from to FB.  Please make her the admin and remove me.   I don't mind."


hi amit,

i just saw this. shit, complaints! sorry man. no problem. wont be posting about CYCLOP here. since cyclop is not like a business venture, i have no ulterior motive of course. i thought i was just helping ppl to reach out to non cyclists who are NOT on but would like very much to buy a bike and BEGIN biking.
in fact i just happened to see this post by chance as i am not very comfortable with and far more familiar with FB's interface. if anyone had contacted me directly via fb msg or phone or mail i would have stopped immediately. ye toh ulta ho gaya! i thought i was helping ppl. chalo, wont be posting now. toh mast forum hai hi, there is no doubt in that.

haha why is sunil all sulky, in full martyr mode? lol.

spam ka toh koi irada nahi thaaa. anyway, thts the last of CYCLOP here. tata!

Malvika I am not in a Sulky  Mood.. I think you have done a good job, and would like your effort be utilised for  Why should I be in a sulky mood ?   If you think so, it is your problem, but I am what I am today because of and I remain loyal to it. gave us a forum when there was none.   However since your brash young age will not understand these things I shall stop here.   May your Cyclops bring the whole world to cycling.

chalo peace. groups n sites is very minor stuff to fight over. see u on a ride smtime!

Malvika I really mean it,  I shall be most glad to see you operate the Group 2nd Hand and get the results on this site as you have done with FB.  Please give it a thought. And I do get angry but don't sulk and also I forget easily.   Sure shall be a pleasure to meet you at a ride.

wow.. thts really nice. we can discuss it on a ride.



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