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Hi friends,

        I am planning to buy a bike next week.

I am new to bikes and need your help to choose one.

My height is 5ft 11' and weight is 110kgs.

My budget is below25k.My preference is Hybrid or MTB since most people suggest me MTB because of my weight

I live in Hyderabad and I have seen BSA, Hercules, Trek, Schnell and schwinn bikes here.

I am not able to decide a bike.

Please suggest a bike that suits me and can be bought easily(without much search).

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I would suggest you buy a, good cheap bike BSA ACT 110 is good enough for you, as it is  Light, Hybrid, Rigid Fork and Value for money. It should set you back by around 13k.  As you progress more and are able to devote more time, go in for higher end bikes, as by that time, you shall have considerable knowledge about bikes as well decide in which area of cycling  you would like to progress.  If you are in for speed distance, you can go for Road Bikes, if you would like to do Off Roading/ Trail Biking you can go for MTB etc.   So please be patient and don't invest in the best as of now.  This is what I did.  I started with a BSA and am now onto a Road Bike :). Also remember the accessories are costly and they differ (some of them ) for MTB and  Road Bike.

Thank you for the suggestion..... i am planning to buy a good bike once and for all .... dats why i put a budget of <25k.

How are schnell cycles compared to schwinn or trek??

Are they good??

Not very sure of the current prices, but you should get a decent Trek, Cannondale, Schwinn (preferably Sporterra Sport), GT Traffic (1.0, 2.0, 3.0) within that range. Your body weight doesn't really matter, a hybrid is pretty sturdy, even for a bit of light off-roading. You don't need an MTB on tarmac. Not heard much about Schnells and even lesser about their performance, though they seem to have pretty aggressive marketing going by the number of cycle shops that stock them. Would lower prices be a consideration there?

1> rockrider 5.3

2> trek 3500

3> Schwinn sporterra 2012

4> GT aggressor

5> cannondale sl4 (Hybrid)

6> KHS alite 150, 300 & 500

i think u can get a bergamont also.

ACT 110s is not good they have problem with seat post which breaks easily.

check our scott aspect 60 !!! it around 22k and i find it very good for that price !!! and shnell rover 1.0 is also good and it also have disk brakes !!! 

Try out the Urban Trail "Dude". It is a good value for money bike with Lock in lock out Santour forks, Acera 7*3 gears, 6061 Hard Tail Alloy, Quando Hubs, Promax Disc brakes, Kenda Tires.... all this for just 18K, in my opinion this is the best value for money bike..

Just try this site got a new cycle order in this site and got delivered and running fine.they have all types of cycles.

1.decide between hybrid & mtb

2.visit store and check available rides within range

3. have a test ride it

More time u will spend searchin on net more u will be confused and ultimately it will delay riding.

I have gone through same phase , now I own Schwinn sporterra 2012



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