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Post by Nishant on BZ

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[quote="nishant333"][quote]even I keep wondering why they don't join on weekend rides[/quote]

I too felt same. Almost 60-70 cyclists turn up for CM but for weekend rides rarely number crosses 20-25. The show-off factor might be one of reasons. But I feel CM is seen as kind of movement to assert cyclists rights and all (just the way it is introduced on and so when people participate in CM they feel as if they re contributing towards some cause and doing their bit for the environment. This probably makes people give more importance to CM and not the same for weekend rides. People even rent bikes(which are mostly in real bad state) for the CM. If people actually take interest in weekend rides as well they will get their own bikes soon. This as my opinion and might be wrong as well.

I don't stay in city now so no CM or weekend rides for me and most importantly no activism. But whenever I am here i ride a lot in city and often meet cyclists who ride regularly for fitness or sheer fun but never been part of CM. Personally I admire such cyclists more than those few once a month CM riders.[/quote]


I am feed up of people like you (Nishant)... This is one of the reason i have stopped week end rides from last few weeks.

After this reply i am gone once again start my week end rides.

I (we) have spend so much time on working things out for CM and other rides while on work. And today there some issues at work.. so this reply is coz of the frustration.

yes i don't talk much. that doesn't mean people keep saying any shit to me or the group members.

If any one has to object, suggest some thing if it is wrong. Then tell us how it can be rectified. Instead of just pin pointing.

Let me tel you Nishant.

Because of so many people like you did nothing in the past but just criticize, nothing has changes in so many years. So yes this is activism or protest what ever you feel to call.

Not every one likes to sit on internet and spend time like a fool. Specially on forums and networking sites. so most of them are not aware of sunday rides. and some cannot ride (fo eg JO, Firefox shop owner he hardly has time in morning, has to open shop, like him others also have work at home or other stuff, so if we are free that doesn't mean other also will be free on every week end)

people call me to check for most of rides. That's the reason i have been insisting on fix time and date for the Critical Mass. if you keep fix time and place for a Sunday rides well, more people will turn. also with a small media support. what say.

Also some of them ride bikes locally and cannot get bikes to Dadar for CM. so they might be renting.

Also agree there are few who don't have bike. may be 10 to 15 people not more than that at least for CM. as not more than 15 bikes are available locally.

And also Aditiya Joshi is a expamle, She has been renting bike for last 3 CM and Nishant i know you have target her. She is almost in the process to get the bike. So people are changing coz of CM also of Sunday rides.

I didn't want to share this Nishant but you have forced me to do so.

Info from (kaushik replied to one of the thread for CM, nishant followed by adding this lines and ultimately replying to Kaushik. To fire him up)

And guys you all know the best part. Nishant came for the CM ride on the 28th Feb. just 4 days after this thread. With no helmet for the CM.

why were you not wearing a helmet on CM day???

Reply by Kaushik Iyer on February 24, 2009 at 12:09am

This is the sole reason that cycling helmets are a must & we all need to take it seriously. I've seen many of our riders without helmets too. Pls guys don't shy away using a helmet... a 1000 Rs may end up saving your life.

Reply by Nishant on February 24, 2009 at 9:40am

Not even 1000..You get good helmet for less than 500...

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At 12:44pm on February 24, 2009, Nishant said…

Hi..Good you guys brought up the issue of helmets and safety..I tried about talking about these issues earlier..When I talked about possible risks and outcomes of not using helmets and other safety concerns I was labeled as thinking 'negative'...So in spite of helmet saving my life I never tried to discuss importance of helmets in public discussion...

i am sure few guys remember the above thread.

Nishant Thank Renny for asking you to wear the helmet on the Konkan trip, when you broke your collar bone. Your skull was also for a toss that day.
how dare you talk of all this.

There are few other mails and links which don't want to share of nishant and others.

This was just to let people know, think before you say or do.

Sorry for such a long post.

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Anup, you don't need to justify yourself. Let the "smart" people rant and take care of themselves. We shall keep riding, any such comments not withstanding. A change which CM envisions cannot be brought about in a single day / ride. The mentality of people changes slowly. I myself have inspired quite a few people (including my roomie) to buy cycles and ride on them. And I feel happy for them, not for me. So stop getting worked up about all these critiques, and lets go for a fun ride sometime !
Mallik I too understand his frustration.
You dont know how many negative characters are swirling around this place when someone is "trying" to do something good from their side. They are like these flies aka "makhiya" who sit and buzz all over sweets. With no intention of actually helping or contributing to the efforts.. Like these old gossip-mongering aunts sitting at their doorsteps taunting the neighbouring family while their own house is in tatters...
Cant help but get worked up at times.. Hey Anoop chill buddy, I know all that you mean. But let it rest... such fools will only understand their mistake themselves. Forgive and Forget... continue riding..

Peace out
[quote] Re: Critical MASS: Its just gets better each time!(Mumbai)

Postby kk27 » Yesterday, 11:48 am
Missed dear friend was landing at the time of CM. This so much better than the last CM even I guess he ride...since last time it was through the crowded streets of Dadar.

As for those cyclists getting Renny said....people wanna, many of those who havebikes don;t join in because they don't have expensive bikes, or prefer riding in thier own locality & not long rides or probably fear being the last in the pack in a group ride. Thats why many prefer to ride on thier own or smaller known groups.

But if its the CM that gets them on the be it....out of 10 atleast if 3 may come out of thier shell, & ride regularly...then thats a good hit rate :P !!!

It's commendable what effort & dedication a few guys put in to make CM a sucess...esp Renny, Anoop that I know of. Kudos to you Guys!!!! [quote]

This is what I had said on the forum..... What I personally feel is clearly stated in my comment. need not reiterate that

And yes let us all accept the fact that CM for the last 4 times has solely been Anoop's & Renny's baby. The effort put in by them is exceptional & my contribution to it has been nill, I'm not sure abt others, & I've yet attended only 1 CM :( . I feel CM has done wonders for the cycling here in Mumbai. I'm sure there will be more & more converts through CM in times ahead.

As for the once a bloom riders, I've notice that there will always be people wooing abt being in the company of Treks etx with their Indian 800's between Mercks et all; & then rarely ever seem them again. I find this the biggest reason for disappearance. (All in my society know i'm a cyclists & all, they've even taken advises on buying bikes for their children...never went by it thats different; But, neither the teens nor their parents allow them to cycle with me....sole reason being, I've very expensive bikes & equipments). Some don't want because they think I'm too fast....even if I promise to ride along with them.

Now thats another big reason....they have this mental block that weekend rides may not be suited for them, as he/she may be left stranded. & Folks that did happen to a rider - Somiron, on one of the rides & he turned back while we were waiting ahead..... I felt very bad & personally apologized too.

I personally feel that the num. of people cycling for fun, fitness, or even environment (cycling to work or short distances), is low...... But.........Rome was'nt built in a day. Atleast if CM can get their butts on a saddle, things have already changed :P, so there will definitely be people from there who'll turn to this side of the world.

Anoop is a good friend & is a pretty level headed cool fellow......... Something really nasty must have porked him up :P. Chill buddy..... I know the temp outside is getting hot ;).
I've interacted with Nishant & he's a good lad too :)....U Both are buddy up buddies. & put the baggage behind :P

The moot point is that CM has done loads of good the cycling in Mumbai. Keep them comming

As for these so called "makhiya" I find them every time when I'm cycling to work....these motorists teasing me by pedaling on a bike & many times carwala's closing in on me when I'm riding along side & so on.... what do I do..... I take them as my inspiration & go past them & showing my own actions of what they are capable of.

The best medicine I've tried for removing frustration is playing Counter becomes better than avg :P. & recently I've tried riding out as fast as I can....helps improve breathing :). (All in a good way...haaan dost :P)
All you guys!

Passionate as ever! This is the passion that drives & prods people to ride...
All on this forum have a common interest & goal...
making bicycling interesting & fun... Then be it CM or RTW... fashion or fitness... cause or Keeda...
As long as people come on bikes... own or rented... how does it matter...

Let the pace be there let the pedals keep paddling let the differences not detere the common goal!...

May the force be with us!!!
dont get frustrated
just keep up the good work
let people say what they feel like dont focus on the negative
instead look at how much the community has grown despite all the negatives
i will continue to keep the momentum going when ever i can
and i hope u do the same
I just wanted to say that a helmet did save my life least save me from serious head injury. A few years ago, I had gone for a long distance cycle ride and managed to avoid a head on collision with a milk truck. I fell on my left shoulder and my head. Got a collarbone fracture and didn't ride for 8 months. My helmet was torn and damaged very badly. The attending doc at the hospital told me my skull wld have been split open if not for the helmet. So yea, I agree about the importance of helmets.
I don't know the history behind this post, but as people have rightly mentioned some people are just destructive and it's better to ignore.. as the saying goes, never argue with a fool. Can't comment on any one who has been criticized or praised in the discussion, but I do know.. riding for me is about the ride.. and if I were to get the Enfield gangs saying... "Nirvana at 60 kmph"... something in a sense that would hold true for a lot of us.

Looking forward to buy an MTB this week and getting back to something I really love :)

peace out



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