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Hi! I was planning to buy a new bike, preferably a hybrid, but a bit low end. I had already looked up a few online so I planned to visit Jhandewalan cycle market. I went there today and checked out the Hercules Ryders Neo, along with the Schnell Shafer and Shafer D. I really liked the Ryders since it was cheaper and a pure hybrid whereas the Schnell bikes are ATBs. I don't mind ATBs but the guy isn't giving me a good bargain. Either way, the matter of concern was that many guys at the market told me that people have been facing issues with 700c tyres on Delhi roads. Flat tyres are a common phenomenon. The Neo has 700*35c Hybrid Nylon tyres & Butyl tubes with A/V. Now I'm only a beginner so I can't say much about how sturdy these will be. Can you guys help me with this? Also, is the Shafer better than the Neo? (Shafer D is a bit expensive than these two)

Budget: 10k-13k
Location: South Dehi

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700C has different variations and thickness and grip. Please some experts comment on this.

Check the link  for more details.

Thanks for the link. Well yes. I'm familiar with the fact that they have different thickness and grip but in general, when I say 700c tyres, I mean thin tyres. I just want people to tell about their experience with these tyres on Delhi roads.

I have been riding 700x25 for about three months now on Delhi roads.

Haven't had a puncture till date. Though one has to be careful about the potholes, lest you get a pinch puncture. 700x25s do little to dampen the vibrations from road on rough surfaces 

But, normally the routes that I ride on have good surface so no issues.

I have also tried a friend's 700x35 hybrid. That is much more comfortable. Negotiates potholes easily.

Though they seem to have more drag.

Will be shifting to 700x28 when the present set wears out. I think they would be ideal for Delhi roads.



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