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I'm sure many of us have encountered pollution while biking. Especially from trucks, lorries, buses, tempos, vans, SUVs, taxis, auto rickshaws, motorbikes, scooters, cars, any other vehicles emitting black smoke which is primarily usually diesel or petrol mixed with kerosene to save on costs. Besides that other forms of smoke or chemicals in the air from other places. Sometimes the dust of the roads forming into tornado type balls fully covering us up entering our small body parts with holes like nose, eyes, ears, mouth. This is a serious problem. Breathing. Hearing loss. Or if ones wearing or even if not wearing contact lens. This issue needs immediate attention and strict action from the authorities. Black smoke polluters from their exhaust pipes need to be arrested/banned. We need to photograph or video them and publicly share it on the internet to shame them. I am writing this because I was keen on knowing whether any fellow cyclists have been through this pollution problem. I've fallen kind of sick due to this and considering getting some dust protection gear hoping it may help. Especially when one is allergic to dust and all. One solution is of course more people go the green transportation way.

This is a good way:

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Very genius idea! Air pollution especially in Asian countries is a greatest challenge which many local governments seem not being to curb. We are also laziest people in whole world, burning fuel for distances which can easily covered by human powered transport vehicles like bicycle. We've to leave like we have future.

The only way to do is to get a mask ,unless if you can pay a lot and get a Gas Mask to filter out the air (pun intended).

IMO, rather than pollution, we need protection form the people who consider themselves as king of the roads in their cars/two wheelers/trucks, and consider us poor sods as low life people. (I am trying to talk about their attitude towards having and accident with us and then saying "You are a low life being, you ride a cycle, you had it coming). 

Yes. Pollution is a big problem for cyclists. In Mangalore hardly you can find cyclists in day time. So, I do get up early and by 6.30 am I will be finishing my quota of daily ride. Also, If you can find 3m branded masks use it. (Available @ Snapdeal) It is a good mask, and inhaling  of dust can be reduced significantly.

How long can I use this 3M mask? Just ordered from Snapdeal with safety goggles.

It depends where you cycle daily. If the pollution is more, you  may have to change on a regular basis.

Let's see how it goes with this. Any idea how are Filtra disposables?

For 3M, do I have to change mask or filter?

Filtra disposables are generally used by Surgeons, Dentists etc. It is easlily available  at Pharmaceutical distributors with discounted rates. I am not using 3M, but my friend has one since 4 months which he uses regularly. He told be that he vacumes it on a daily basis...!

That sounds like a bad mask then if have to vacuum on a daily basis!!

Just got 3M mask delivered. Tried it. Very bad quality. Can't breathe. Waste of money. I wouldn't recommend it to anyone.

Glasses look good. Need to try them out tomorrow outside and figure how they are.

Just get the regular masks available at local pharmacies. Should do a good enough job.

Yup. Returning 3M mask and glasses to Snapdeal, they'll refund. Tried glasses today, not good.



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