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I purchased a Scott Bike from Bike Zone in Mumbai, realized that i just got a bill, there was no brochure give (wen i purchased my trek) nor any warranty given...the pedals also given look substandard ..comapred to my Trek...

TI cycles needs to look into these matters..instead of just quoting "yeh best hain", guys/gals pls ask all questions before buying any of these cycles..i still rate firefox station @ Marine Lines super, their knowledge and their understanding and customer service is par excellence...if they had a scott or a cannon dale..i dud have bot from them 


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The pedals of mid to high end bikes are always substandard, because the manufacturer assumes you will switch to clipless pedals ASAP.

Scott generally offer a 3 year warranty on their frame and 1 year on components.

Cannondale, on the other hand, offer a lifetime warranty on their frame and the details come with the brochure in the sealed box and your LBS has nothing to do with it.

Thnx Deepak..i don't think i have a 3 year warranty on the Scott ..but will chk from where i have purchased .... 

my next purchase will be a canon dale ..I wonder why in India there is no standardization in terms of warranty etc shud be a global policy, guess we are used to the chalta hain attitude..wish i cud buy a bike abroad and bring it myself....variety and more knowledge of the sales ppl there an added advantage

Instead of worrying about getting Rs 100-200 worth of freebies with the bicycle, may I suggest you guys look at buying from a vendor who knows what he is doing, who can fit you on the correct-sized bike and who can provide proper after-sales support later, if need be?

I think all of us buyers need to do more research before purchasing, and now thanks to internet information overload, we can make better informed decisions, coz i don't think the attitude towards customers is gonna change...coz we still will be hearing "yeh best hain" for the rest of our lives... 

Firsy you need to check if the dealer you bought the bike from is listed as one on Scott's website. If not then he might just be a re-seller. In this case you must ensure you get all the necessary warranties on paper with the dealer stamp etc. If he is listed, then you should get all the documentation which is expected out of a new bike purchase. And always make sure you register your bike online and take a printout of the 'registered successfully' page. Most offer registration online. This is important and will fetch good value for your bike in case you want to dispose it off later.




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