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Question about Road bike :- Why breaks are away from hands?


I met with an accident as I could not stop my bike on time. It was not completely my mistake. But if I was able to stop the bike on time then I might have avoided the accident.

Well, I am not blaming the design of road bike. It was my third day to ride my road bike & I am quite sure that it is a matter of time to get well-versed with the breaks.

Is there any scientific reasons which explains why the breaks of road bikes are bit away from hands? As per my experience you can break in two positions. One where you can break from top (which is weak) and one you can take your hands to the dropped part of handle bars, get a good grip & then break. This works pretty fine. However in quick situations it may not be possible for a beginner to move hands so fast & apply on breaks.

Could any one explain me the logic behind such design?

Thank you,


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I second Vinni Baliga :-)

Nice posts by Nicolas.....would suggest them to people who require it :-)

You say.."Breaking from hoods is weak".... then you need stronger arms!!! Cause one can easily come downhill in that position without any problems.

If you're saying that your brakes aren't reachable from the drops then it's not a design problem, it's probably that your bike fit is wrong OR you're hoods are placed in the wrong way.  

I got it. Hoods are placed wrong. I need to lift it.

Hey Nachiket come to Pro9 we will adjust ur bike according to ur usage :)



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