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Hey everyone, 

In mid January, 2014, I had purchased MyBike SS form Decathlon Ahmedabad. The bike is truly a good bike, it runs smoothly and quite reliable for the price that I bought it at, have barely spent a rupee on parts for this bike within its first 1200 Kms. 

But, I have been having one issue with this bike, the freewheel has been giving me problems, although I have been getting it exchanged under warranty. Currently I am using my 5th freewheel. Its not that the freewheel lacks quality, its really smooth while riding, thats the main thing about this bike, it runs smoothly.
But why is it that the local quality/brand of freewheel lasts much longer (except the part that they don't run that smooth)?
With my first and second freewheel (which I exchanged because it made cracking like sounds at random intervals while riding), I was told by Decathlon later on (when I went to exchange my 3rd freewheel) that it occurred because the manufacturer put less lubrication/grease in the mechanism (I had given the recording of that noise to Decathlon).

The third one, the Ratchet mechanism stopped working and had to use it as a fixed gear (fixie).

They told me that my 4th one (freewheel) was given with ample amount of grease/lube. But stopped working after ~2 months. One day while casually riding on a flat road, the pedals/chain started moving independently of the wheel, I was pedaling but the wheel wasn't moving.

The current one, my fifth freewheel which I recently changed, is showing problems that are similar to the ones that occurred with both the third and fourth freewheel, but randomly while riding, it comes back to normal when I back pedal and start riding again.
The guys at Decathlon Ahmedabad tell me that I'm the only guy who has this problem, my answer is that I am the only guy on the same bike who rides 85-100kms a week while others with the same bike ride it much less.
The guy/mechanic at Decathlon gave a rather sarcastic and weird answer that I ride too much, both of us just started laughing at that moment.
Does this happen because of pedaling output which it is not able to withstand? (no, I try and maintain a good cadence which is 50-55 (which is the highest I can go on platform pedals, otherwise feet start slipping) and am pedaling in full circles.)
The guys at Decathlon offered to take back my bike and give me MyBike 7S for 3 grand, but am not sure of that low-end Shimano SIS derailleur and microSHIFT M-25 (I think it's that model) grip shifter, and was given the choice that I could go for higher models, but the problem here is I am not the one earning, still in school and don't wish to spend anything more, and........I love this bike.
Can anyone suggest/tell me what to do, I can't just go the LBS and put on the local stuff because the chain size is different, and again, they don't run smoothly. Plus the bike is for daily use, if this keeps on happening, the bike loses it's reputation of a reliable bike and Decathlon is rather far from home.

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Hi Aaron,

From your description of the problem (very accurate), it's clear that the freewheel of the MyBike has a serious issue. I guess it is not designed for extensive riding, and perhaps only suitable for light recreation.

When you ride a fixed gear bike and want to climb a gradient or quickly speed up after a stop, you normally pedal standing up, and the freewheel cannot take this extra load on it.

If you like to retain this bike, a good option is to buy a TI brand freewheel from Hercules dealer and get it fixed by them. This will last quite a while.

The alternative is to exchange with a 18/21 speed bike where you don't need to put extra pressure on the pedals while climbing or pick up : you need to just downshift the gear and keep pedaling.

I can't see any other solution right now :)


Hi Basab,
I just put in a new chain, and if I get the freewheel changed, I would also have to get a new chain.
I do not prefer riding out of the saddle, hence I don't do it, just make use of cadence.
Sorry if I sound rude, but I noticed that you interchanged the word single speed with fixed gear. A fixed gear bike (also referred to as a fixie) doesn't consist of a freewheel mechanism, whereas a single speed does.
A decent bike with decent derailleurs and shifters costs well over 19 grand, so right now, no gears the best option.



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