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Research firm (named Global Research) wants cyclists in the 18-24 age bracket for a group discussion

Global Research wants cyclists in the 18-24 age bracket for a group discussion on why they cycle regularly. Contact Beena Parekh on 022-20328083.

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wow, i suddenly feel too old........ lol
Chronologically 42 ...physically 22 challega kyaa :):):)
I too protest! Vehemently! Not that I have much to say. I guess I'll just be out riding my bike.
On second thought maybe they want to find out how many 18-24 still depend on their parents for buying a bike :)
Typical stupid Indian mentality where they believe the life chart goes downhill after 25!! I am 35 and I will kick the ass of most Indian 18yr old on a bike!
Eat that!
right said .... :-D (I am in the 40's Club too)

I personally feel a bunch of the 18-24 yr. olds are busy in either getting a grad degree or in pubs or flirting around. Most of them cycle prior to their final year in school and make a come back in their later years (very rare) as a health/fitness routine or as a Social/Green Cause mission.

The only 18 to 24 yr olds who continue cycling are the courier boys, delivery boys, doodhwala's, and workers who need to cycle due to socio economic reasons
Well said! How true! You should see the reaction of my friends when I said I bought a cycle. Bizzarre!!!
hey guys ont say that!
there still are quite a few young guys who cycle around (me being one)
but at 16 i still fall short of the bracket!
hey aman ... Happy Pedaling !!
Thats just an observation and not everyone falls into that category ... so don't worry and keep pedaling :-)
I am 23, but then I cycle sporadically :P
i am 17. i am a bit young for this group discussion!!!
there are some not many 18 year old cyclists around!!
Guys!.. this post is from JUNE.. not relevant at the moment.. please ignore. of course the age factor may be discussed in abandon if that's what you wish.



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