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  Hi Guys, Let me give a short introduction of myself before I commence to give my reviews of this amazing bike...just so that you know where the reviews are coming from.
 Ive been an enthusiastic cyclist ever since I was in school and have owned 4 bikes before the latest Adidas Genius...a BMX, a Hero ranger and a Streetcat all in school...after school I bought a BSA full suspension geared cycle which were all eventually stolen.

  I wanted to get an MTB which has dual suspension, Shimano Gears, Disc Brakes, and something which looked good on the road too. MY budget was 20k.
After researching a week on several cycling websites and stores all around Mumbai with brands as La Soverign, Trek, Canondale, Hero and others I decided to get myself an Adidas Genius, the bike is actually manufactured by Hero Cycles in India, and had all the features I was looking for the price I wanted to spend.The price is Rs. 18,000 in Mumbai, not many stock the bike in Mumbai and I got mine from Metro Cycles In Kalbadevi.

Main Specifications:
Shimano Altus 21 gears, EZ fire Shifters,
Dual suspension, Rear suspension is Kindshock make coilspring type
Full Alloy Frame and Rims.
Promax DSK-400 Disc Brakes front and rear.
Promax seat post height self adustable.
Quick release type Wheels.

After getting the bike from Metro Cycles In Kalbadevi, I decided to pedal my way back to Bandra West where I reside a distance which clocked close to 13kms on the cyclo-computer.
Initially I found the suspension n saddle quite stiff. However both have softened down after a week and now the ride quality is much better than on the first day.

Gear System:
The Genius comes equipped with a 21 speed Shimano gears which work as they are supposed to shifting smoothly through the entire range however there was some slipping on the lower gears which I am sure just needs some fine tuning from the LBS(Local Bicycle Shop).

The Genius come with ''High Performance'' saddles...resting on an alloy Promax seat-post, however I found that initially it left my butt absolutely sore...but  there was no chaffing thankfully. I feel its just a matter of time before I get used to the saddle and it gets 'broken down'.The height of thesaddle can be self adjusted without the need for tools.

UPDATE: The saddle was quite hard initially but after a few weeks, it has ''broken in well'' and feels much much comfortable now.

Wheels And Frame & Tyres
The Genius comes with a full alloy frame and wheel rims which sport extra wide tyres.This makes the Genius pretty light even though the first impression is of a very heavy bike.Both the wheels are quick release type.
The tyres are extra wide super grip mountain tyres...which ofcourse gives them superior grip and they don't skid even when the brakes are forcefully applied thus allowing the rider to stay in control.However its because of this '''super grip'' threading which makes the ride ''slightly less smoother''...If intended to be used mostly on tarmac or paved roads I would suggest getting semi-slick tyres coz they will definately smooth out the ride and make pedaling more efficient. The quick release rims would further simplify the procedure.

The Genius comes equipped with Promax DSK-400 front and rear disc brakes. Initially I was quite skeptical at the performance since the wheels were not locking when I used to apply the brakes, however the bike was still slowing and stopping as expected.The super grip tyres and the brakes work wonderfully well together. I do have a digital speedometer installed and I went down the Pali HIll slope at a speed of 30 kmph and pressed the brake levers fully, the bike stopped as expected without the wheels locking and skidding.What this means is that since the wheels still keep rotating a bit even while braking which means no skidding means better control. I am used to have my wheels skid a bit even sometimes on paved roads while braking with my old cycle, i just have to get used to this now. :-)

Final Thoughts:
Though the initial ride on this bike was stiff, the suspension has settled down now, the gears work as expected. The ride quality now is good however can be even better with semi slick tyres if intended to be used only on tarmac. I  researched all over to buy a good bike with dual suspension gears and disc brakes. I ruled out Fomas due to its tacky 'made for kids' appearance, I checked out La Soverign Spectrum as well which performed very well on the test ride but since it lacked dual suspension and they didnt have the LA Terano I decided to go in for the Genius because it had a brand name behind it as well, which in a way makes it just that more reliable.I had people who  kept recommending me Shwinn and Canondale but unfortunately their similar models were coming at a higher price.I  decided with to go with the Adidas Genius because its got everything I want plus its got kickass looks, during my one hour ride from Kalbadevi to Bandra Pali Naka, I had kids running after the  bike , cars and motorcycles slowing down to have a better look at the bike!!! The Genius truly has a presence on the roads. I would say the Adidas Genius is absolutely Value for money.


Please comment if you found the review usefull or if would like to add anything else. I reside in Bandra West and would fancy joining a group from the same area....can call on 9967889089
 or mail at or add me on facebook :

Happy Cycling!!

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hey how much did u paid for the fomas cyclo computer?

Thanks for this information sharing... really today i feel the advantage of internet after reading your view abt adidas  genius.

thanks for your review really it is very informative. i am planing to buy this cycle.

today i feel the real advantage of inrternet.

whats the price of the bike?

Hi! Buddy,

Anyone tell me that what is the wight of Adidas Genius bike and what is the material use to make it's frame means is it support magnate or not.

Adidas makes bikes? I thought they made thongs for women.

Haha :)
An entertaining read, isn't it?

damn, discussions here are so difficult to follow - some replies are embedded somewhere in-between, others show up at the end. I wish it were a straight timeline.

Hi ,

Does anyone knows where to buy this cycle in bangalore ?? If so please share the address ??

what is its current cost and is it under the name of adidas or Hero ??

Yeah, about that...don't buy it!

P.S. Applies only if you are sane or have any value for money.



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