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I know I have been away from many months.

Lot of things have changed.

I am off to kerala for good. I have resigned. And I no longer plan to work in a cubical.

Since I am moving out, I plan to sell both cycle.
1) Firefox Traget
2) Atlas concorde.

let me know if anyone interested.


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Atlas Concorde with gears? more details please.

What is the expected price?
Hey dear,
Whats wrong with us....
Why r u resigned r u anoyed with any one of our Cyclist group...
Sorry dude i m just kidding... it
I hope wherever u go u have the leadership.
So from me & entire Cyclists Group wish u a good luck
But keep in tuch and also upload ur new group and event u had in Kerala.
God Bless u take care. Bye...
Gopal Rao
Kailas- Atlas Concorde is plain black. no gears.
all components new. As I remade it with just frame.

Well i am not sure what price should ask for it.

Atlas:- 2.5k and target :- 5k

I plan to buy a normal cycle when i am in native. As Target parts will be unavailable, and Atlas is a racer (bend handle), so i don't want to take it with me.

Gopal - Not much to say, I feel and do what is good and right things for me and others.
I was never a leader or neither tried to implement my policy.

I was just another cyclists. but i had the feeling of getting cyclists together and work out some thing for all the cyclists.
resignation from d cubicle life... goood decision...

resignation from CYCLING... is it required!!!!???

nways dude have met u just once in one f d rides... All d best of luck...


Dhaval Mathew
+91 99305 99484

P.S.: But, do re-think ur decision... just d cycling part :P
Plz msg the prizes of both

I missed this part.

Atlas:- 2.5k and target :- 5k
Wow!!! Early exit from the crazy rat race? :)
All the power to you buddy, hope all your dreams come true and you lead a life as it's suppose to be lived.

I may be interested in Atlas road bike. Can you please post a pic of that bike? And your location please, are you in Mumbai?

Intrested in Fire Fox pics plz....
Hi Anoop....hope you have a ball riding in Kerala ! Hope to see you the Feb 7th ride.
Hi Anoop,

First of all thanks for introducing me to website.
Wish you all the best.

Will try to meet you on the 7th.
Sanjeev - yes you are right. i am going crazy staying in city. always disliked fast life.

Vikram sure i wll be riding one in kerala. I don't want to carry a fancy cycle to my native. Also components will be issue.

Thank you every one. I Hope for the best and believe i will be able to sustain my self in kerala.

Target Sold (one of my cousin insisted not to sell it anyone. he will need it) sorry folks

Atlas still for sale.

hi... i am interested in the firefox... if you again put it up for sale do let me know on 9819809199... thanks ... take care& all the very best to you



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