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Schinn Sporterra/ Searcher or Trek FX7.1 or Trek 3500

Hi guys,

I want to buy a cycle for my daily office commute in Andheri East's pothole rich road for about 5km and some long weekend ride. I am confused betweek Hybrid cycles like TRek FX 7.1 & Schwinn Searcher vs the famous Trek 3500. Also Schwinn Sporterra and Searcher which is better and on whom I can rely on for riding in Mumbai's road. Please help me with your expert views. My budget is from 14k - 20k. Also suggest me some good shops in Mumbai which can give me some experts input about the frame size and preferable let me take a test ride.

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Also views on Trek 3700.

Hi Shoeb,

I am using Shwinn Searcher to commute to my office which is ~10 km one side and go for long rides during weekends ~25-30 km. Searcher is better then Sporterra, and I enjoy my ride.

Hybrid bikes do not have very effective Shocks, if you are going to ride on very rough roads you can consider Fire-Fox Target as well.

BTW I stay at Bhandup west and ride on EE highway or Pawoi during weekends



Hi Shoeb,

The Schwinn Sporterra & Searcher are amazing bikes. If your daily commute to work is riddled with potholes, we suggest you check out the Schwinn 2011 Searcher. With it being a light bike accompanied with chock absorbers, you will have a comfortable ride. At around Rs. 17,000/-, it fits your budget fine too!

The Sporterra Sport 2012 is a slick bike too. If the road to work is not overly plagued with potholes, you might want to check it out. It's priced at Rs. 20,450/- .

If you're interested, we'd love to hear from you and will ship the bikes to your location if they're unavailable at your nearest cycle store. Do get in touch with us over Facebook: .


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Thanks guys, ll check out Schwinn Searcher 2011 soon. It will be great help if you can please comment on Trek 3500/3700/FX 7.1 too. I was looking for a Trek 3700, so i would like to know about it.
Check out Giant bikes also. Rebel1 would be better than Trek 3700 within the same price range.

Go for Schwinn Sporterra.

Value for money, good components.




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