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Once upon a time there was a cycle called Schnell-

Well, it ran into an endless loop to tell …

To tell the world how it smelled.


Finally, Schnell fell well to sell 2 bikes in a Mall called Shell …

1 in Bangalore another in Chennai, 

... and the rest in Hell. 

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rofl, awesome ! how about some Haiku and a Limerick too !!

A Heavy frame

Feature not a defect

Bike weighs a ton

(Ok, so that's not exactly a haiku, but I couldn't be arsed trying to fit that in a 5/7/5)

There was a MTB named Rover

Which was well loved by its fans

The love made no sense

Cos on the ride, it did you over

Taliaa....jor dar taliaa.....Masha Allah..Shuvan Allah....Bohot khub.

there are some good poets / shayer too....heheh



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