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Hi guys,

after riding Hercules Roadeo Torpedo for more than 7 months & my interest in cycling becoming (lovable) addiction, I feel it's time to upgrade myself.

The other day, I went to a cycle mall in Pune wherein dealer recommended me Schwinn Searcher Sports.

I have no problems with this Scwinn bike but it's a Hybrid bike, tyres thinner than my Torpedo which is an MTB.

When I asked the dealer whether this model of Schwinn will be able to sustain my weight of 99 kg (height 171 cms) rather will the tyres go flat, he assured me that nothing of that sort will happen & I should go for that particular bike considering my riding in city only. In fact he promised me that I will be feeling more comfortable & will be enjoying riding Schwinn than Hercules.

Guys, I am woried about that tyre factor only. Is it really advisable to go for bicycles with thin tyres for a person like me who weighs quite a lot. I travel almost 40 km every alternate day. The price factor is ok. The dealer claiming same amount as it is mentioned on site. Rs. 17,100/-. Plus a few goodies offered free.

Just confused whether to go for it.

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do go for it its worth the money. and its 700cc tyres so no problems at all..

u can even try trek 7100 though its expensive but the best in its class... 



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