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Seeking a Cellphone holder for my bike. Anyone knows from where can I get one in Bombay?

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try with these guys (Jiten or Hemang Buddhdeo) :

they showed me a Bike Mount some time back, but I had no use for it cause I carry the phone in a bag.
thanks Anool. Will do that. Lock Alarms will be in stock from tomorrow. Let me know how many units you want and if it's for resale or personal use.
personal use - one unit.
PS : just bought one of your color candles from x-word yesterday :-)
Feedback : the Mopod batteries die out in a couple of days :-(
Thanks for your feedback. Sorry about the MoPod batteries. We did have this issue with a small lot and replaced mostly all the batteries. If you want, I'll send you some batteries.

You will like the Color Candles. The batteries last 8-10 hours on a continuous use. Let me know if you want some Tea-light candles.

The Lock Alarm is priced at Rs. 1,999.00. I can offer you a 20% off. i.e. Rs. 1,599.00. Let me know where would you like me to send the unit.

Also, please send me your email address. I'd like to discuss selling your clocks.
anool dot m at gmail dot com

are you able to get fresh batteries ? the ones I buy from the local stationary shop are all old stock, and probably lost half their juice already.

Color candle looks awesome, esp. since its nearing Diwali time. Tea Candles - already got a bunch.

Lock Alarm and Clock - we'll discuss over mail.



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