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Start a Cycling Club at NOIDA for Amateur Riders

Hi All,

Cycling is a very good hobby, sport, exercise and above all a great way to make comrades.

However while riding bike in NOIDA I found the following challenges which doesn't let you enjoy cycling as you would want to:

1. Ridding alone you know how boring it is.

2. Secondly since in NOIDA we do not have cycling tracks, we are forced to ride in the roads. With the type of traffic we have here, at times it becomes very intimidating and dangerous as well, even in the early hours of the day.

3. Needless to say ridding alone in the lonely roads and highways is not safe.

So I was thinking of creating a riders club which will be membership based with a membership fee on a monthly basis. This will eliminate unknown persons and we can regulate who we want to ride with. The club would operate as any other hobby club where members will interact to  

- share knowledge and experience

- get hands on with the basics of cycle repairs

- learn better cycling techniques

- proper nutrition for cycling, etc.

- organize rides

- and above all enjoy cycling together.

Also may be we can think of hiring 1 or 2 escort bikes(motorbikes) who can ride along with the club members to keep traffic at a safe distance, carry basic repair kit, first aid kit, water, etc. We can rope in some cycle mechanics who can be an escort as well as help to repair any cycle in case of any brake down. Since mostly these rides will be in the weekends so these guys can be recruited on an hourly fee basis during the rides only.

There can be much more things which can be done.

If these suggestions make sense then do let me know. Once we have a critical mass to form the club we can meet and brainstorm further on the clubs working and modalities and start ridding together!!!

If interested you can reply to this post or send an email at

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