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So a bunch of us just rode down from Lavasa in the rain, at speeds in the 40-60kph range - and managed just fine with rim brakes.


Remind me again why disc brakes are a must-have feature, especially in lower-priced MTBs?

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I love this discussion. I think till the end of the world, there will be those who love the discs and others who bet on their 'V's.

If I am having a disc on my rear and a 'V' on my front , which side I should be sitting in this discussion?

It's not a question of "better" - it is a question of "are discs a must-have item", as is parroted around here.  


I have hydraulic discs on both my MTBs, so it isnt as if I think disc brakes suck.

Actually discs r not must but v n discs r parellel option...for general n lite trail n road riding,city v s r quite good, but modulation , clearence ,balence , whell removal,contamination of dart, rim wear , untrue wheel create problem ,wat i find with my brothers school bike but quite better than same class discs in power but balence both arm is quite difficult bcos tension screws r just crap in cheap vs.hope imp v s r much better with more modulation n better rigiditi with better shoes...dnt buy bontreger giga power shoes,only noise less_power n durability crap ,rabe shoes r good stuff.

Listen, I dont mean to be snarky, but can you possibly post without using so much SMSese/short-hand and with a little more attention paid to punctuation and grammar?  


I'd like to have a discussion with you, but I have a real hard time understanding what you are writing.

They look 'cool'?

My Hope Tech2s do look cool in a way XTR or CRs cant even begin to touch.


The monstrous backpack, which I am forced to wear everytime I ride an MTB, cancels the effect though.

Dear Vandit Kalia,


I understand when you speak about you backpack. Well, we got to make sure that backpacks are light loaded. To do this, we must make a plan to invest in lightweight gears. There is a whole range of light weight stuff in the world of cycling. They cost money.... but they offer the very best in cycling experience.


Please check into   If you have an overseas friend , you can tell them to help you with Rapha gears. They are a real 'performance roadwear' and they remain true to it!!


If you go for these high-tech lightweight gears, then, I am sure you will not have a problem with you backpack. The trouble with Indian cyclists is that they are just unwilling to upgrade their stuff. That is even the trouble with the Indian cycle industry. There must be an attitude change.


Happy Cycling!! 

Rapha is overpriced, hipster crap.    I have a couple of Rapha items, and if I were to spend that much money on them again, I'll stick with Assos.

Precisely. They look cool.

IMO, low end disc brakes, or any disc brakes,especially hydraulic, for that matter, are bothersome in the sense that the calipers experience very high torque at certain points under moderate to hard braking. So, disc brakes must be inspected regularly for the bolts loosening out.

It happened recently to a friend (who has Elixir 1s on his Anthem) on our weeklong trip of the Chikmagalur/Kudremukh region of Karnataka. As he was applying the rear brake, a screw came loose and because of the torque, flew out and could not be found on the forest floor. The rear wheel locked and he lost control. Luckily, he was traveling at a slow pace and hence could keep his balance.

On the steep Kundadri downhill, the hydraulic discs of my Trail SL 2 were about as effective as the Vs on a friend Revel 1.

The only reason I can think of for going for hydraulic discs is if you are into lots of very long treacherous downhills where V-brakes can cause loss of feel and put strain on the fingers.

I fully agree with you. The only time a disk brake will show its breed is when you take a difficult trail with wheels running into mud and water. When the wheels get wet, the brake performance cannot be a sure factor. Those are times when disk will outperform a V. Else, V goes well into most situations. 

I am planning to buy a FAT BOY with mechanical disks. What do you all say about mechanical disks?

In many ways, easier to set up and maintain.   I had BB7s on my modified monster cross bike, and quite liked them.



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