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Went on a tour of the Shekhawati region of Rajasthan last weekend - had to cut the tour short b/c of a knee injury, but one eye-opener for me was the completely different side of Rajasthan that was revealed by bicycle.

Let's face it - for general tourism, Rajasthan may have a lot of beautiful forts and monuments, but the people experience leaves a lot to be desired. Aggressive behavior (esp towards women), scammers, pushy touts, etc.

This time was a completely different experience. Polite friendly people, genuine conversations with no ulterior motives and generally, a very laid back and relaxed time.

- Truck drivers who waved hello as they passed (giving me AMPLE room on the road)
- A schoolteacher who came by and wanted to know what was different about my bike - a conversation that evolved into a discussion on manufacturing advantages of China vs India
- A cyclewallah who refused to accept money for helping me adjust my rear brake
- A shop owner who took me to the back of his house so I could douse myself in cool water after a few hours of the mid-day sun
Etc etc.

It made me realize that THIS was the real Rajasthan - not that phoney baloney consisting of decorated elephants taking tourists up the hill or the Lonely Planet recommendations.

I need to go back (although at a time of the year when I do NOT have to do 100km a day in 44C sun).


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Hmm, good question. My initial plan was to ride down from the Shekhawati region to Ajmer, and if I remember correctly, it is approx 150-160km or so.

Do you plan to tour, or just do day rides?

initially i am planning for a day ride..will plan for the tours post summer...

Meanwhile I'll practise in order to build up my stamina for the tours.

guess...i'll just have to explore places around Nasirabad, instead of looking for a route already done by someone else.
Well, if you do decide to do the route, you should be able to. Go via Sambar Lake (or whatever those salt lakes to the west of Jaipur are called) and from there on to Shekhawati. Around Ajmer, the ride to Pushkar should be fun and relatively easy.
Great..thanks a lot :)



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