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First the disclaimer ....
The following narration of my thoughts may sound very serious, but believe me it is for a serious thought and should not be taken as just another Joke.

Following are the chain of thoughts that i had today which is worth a mention on this Forum here :

Today after a long time i was feeling much better (after series of illness and injuries and Mental Injury .. read it as Work), so i thought i should get back to biking... cycling. Now that in Bangalore probably you can not have a better season to ride, i thought i should prepare myself for the rides .. on-road and off road. For Off road, I prepared myself by selling my old Trek4300 and Buying a new B-twin 6.3 (Full sus with all funky things on it ). Those who are more interested in the spec of the bike please read this link ... 3-07-20096 , However since the intent of this write-up is not that, so will not get into much of details here. Now, i was thinking that how can pep-my-road-ride. I already have a very nice Orbea Road bike, Thanks to Venkatesh
Now my imagination starts flying on the alps and Italy and all the hevens of road-bikers, and i start to see some well groomed bikers, with their swanky bikes. And start searching for a thing that can suit me to which can pep-my-road-ride. And noticed there one common things among all the riders, is their muscular but hail-less legs. Now i new what to do ... or atleast that is what i thought. But there was a problem, i obviously can not go to beauty parlor for this, as my wife generally does. So I decided to talk to my wife about it. With all the courage i could gather, i go and tell her my eternal desire of having the MUSCULAR-HAIR-LESS-LEG. She was first confused, as why do i need that. I dont know if she event thought that if i am trying to attract some other MALE in my life. As soon as this thought crossed my mind, i tell all the truth about my latest FETISH to her.
Though i could not convince my wife to 100%, i got her to agree to help me do this. She goes and buys an "Two speed epilator" from Philips. Wow, so now i had a machine to which can make my dream true. I was all excited, and was looking for the week-end. As my wife suggested that it may not be easy and should do it on Sunday. So i had to wait for 3 more days for SUNDAY to come. My wife who wanted to go to a nearby Zoo since long, and i had world of excuses to not go there, but now i did not have choice. I was obliged to go to the zoo, and spend first half of my lovely sunday in a ZOO!! But ANYTHING to make my dream a reality.
We were back from the ZOO by lunch time, Now that i did not have much of patience left, i ordered Lunch from a nearby ITALIAN restaurant, otherwise my wife would have taken rest of day for cooking the lunch, like an idea Indian wife. By now i knew that she somehow is trying to make an excuse to avoid me making dream a reality. So i directly come to the warzone after the Lunch, and announced that either she does it or i go to any other friend of mine who can help. Though i was sure i had no one to help me in this regard, especially when i wanted some one who had experience in doing this. Well, my good luck that she loses the battle even before figfhting, and starts to scare me that it is going to be really painful, and scary .. and you will have to go through this hell every 15 days if you do it once. All these things started to worry me. On one hand i was thinking probably she is still fighting the war without saying that she is fighting, on the other hand i was thinking, that probably what she is saying had some truth. But i am an engineer, and belong the country Aryabhatta and ... all those great scientists, i wanted to believe only the proof. And i softly told her that we will just do it on foot and see how it goes. To my surprise she agreed, without any further argument, with a mysterious smile on her face, which i could not understand then (Please remember this, i have a crossref to this towards the end of this write-up).
Now the experiment starts, I was asked to sit on the chair holding whatever i can, and she plugged the machine in. It reminded me of the Hitlers electric chair i had seen in one of the concentration camp in Munich. And she looked at me as a butcher looks at a chicken, which is going to be ..........! Even before i could complete the thought related to chicken and butcher ... I was screaming out of PAIN ....! But she did not stop and completed for one foot (Not even the full leg), and i had lost the war and i was begging her to stop it. She was laughing away to glory. I saw the expression on her face that she had best sunday of her life (Probably that is why she chose sunday to be the DAY). Once she completed one foot, i begged her to stop. But she also is an Engineer and belongs to the same country of scientists as i do, she gave me reasoning that i wont look symmetric if dont do it on the other foot also. And i had to take the pain to go through that ... and this is moment i saw her happiest in 7 years of our married life. And i recalled her smile (Remember the cross ref), and i learnt that she had won the war just then. I still have hair on both my legs (Remember jsut the feet is done till now).
I dont know when i will get courage use the HELL MACHINE to make my dream true ..... !

So this write-up is dedicated to all those Road-bikers and Women who go thought the hell to make their and Others life heaven :|


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my sympathies ravi-with-just-hairless-feet!! but you found out first hand... what all one must endure in the name of vanity!! :-)
oh and BTW Road-Bikers and Women.... are not mutually exclusive!!
nice to see u here, don't know if u remember but we spoke sometime last dec.
divya tate
Hey Divya,
I have not forgotten you!
I harvesting it (hair) now-a-days :)



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