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An extremely high DNS rate, 10 out of 27 (more than 30%), some riders having informed us last minute and others not at all. either way, organisers wasted a lot of time, energy and money on them. 
what this means is that we will be changing registration procedures from next time
and all participants, from whichever city, will have to pick up brevet cards by the evening before the event and fill it out themselves, print their own route cards etc

All participants are told repeatedly to read and observe the rules of Audax Club Parisien, inspite of this 4 Participants had arranged 2 support/back up vehicles that were on the same course as the riders. 
Participants details of Brevets de Randonneurs Mondiaux that are conducted across the world are maintained by ACP in an international database and the same standard is expected to be set everywhere in the world.
Each Randonneur and wanna be Randonneur is expected to facilitate setting this standard, not the opposite. it is your responsibility to read and adhere to the rules and help organisers ensure that.
Instead of offering any manner of apology for not following the rules, they have been arguing their right to break them, in a most unsportmanlike manner. These 4 Sanjay, Mandar, manoj and sarwottam have been DNFed. 

And at last.... 
THE GOOD..... the reasons that make it worthwhile. some things to celebrate!
The purpose of holding the 200 and 300 BRMs more often is to get more cyclists to start randonneuring and to that end we are happy to welcome Arun, Bani and Raman into the fold.
Raman was our first guest rider from Hyderabad, hopefully more cities will get involved and we will have the oppurtunity to ride BRMs in Hyd soon
We must also make note of the first Randonneur, Anil, to complete a Brevet on a Folding Bike, and hope to see more diversity of cycles in future.... ghoda cycle anyone, or a tandem?
Congratulations to Nishit who completed his first half Iron Man just before this Brevet
Congratulations to Prashant and Mohinder singh also, to have completed their Super Randonneur series




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These 4 Sanjay, Mandar, manoj and sarwottam had arranged for/preplanned not jsut 1 but TWO vehicles as support on the ride and were caught. while their intention may not have been to cheat, it was still absolutely in violation of the RULES! they have been pestering me and other organisers insisting that they did nothing wrong, like they have a right to do a BREVETS DE RANDONNEURS MONDIAUX on thier own terms! in the interest of giving them the oppurtunity to ride again, they were repeatedly told that this would not be held against them, but not only are they totally lacking in sportsman spirit, they also are short sighted enough to think that fighting for this ONE ride is an end in itself. i even met one of them to assure them that they would still be welcomed, but they have displayed an attitude of aggression that is not acceptable!
whether they are disqualified and not allowed to participate in any ACP ride in the world or DNFed is upto the national rep and the organisers.

they do not realize that all other participants who rode fairly, without support and within the rules are pleased with the decision! that is what it is about, for us as organisers, to keep the field level and fair for the people who are interested in riding BRMS at the same standard as the rest of the world!

since they have been insisting on a public acknoledgement of their ride it has been done!

i hope now you will stop pestering us! unlike you guys for whom the 200 was the be all and end all WE HAVE OTHER RIDES TO PREPARE FOR!!!
Divya has opened the Pandora's box for me by writing the Good, Bad, Ugly reply. I was just reading the replies, but now the time has come to clear the facts with all who read these replies..

Now I am putting the actual time line of the event as below
Start of the event at 6 am from Univ - Every one started together.
Sanjay and Mandar (me ) were together till the Khambatki ghat base. Time 9.30 am ( Divya was behind me )
When I finished the Khamabtki Ghat Sanjay was at descending.
I reached wai Sanjay was @ 20 min behind me.
Sanjay had shown intention of pulling out from Khambatki itself but I was pumping him to continue further and further we were on touch via mobile whenever the range would make it possible. Finally he stopped midway at Pasarni Ghat. While climbing the pasarni ghat I was riding with Arun for some time and then alone. At that point I had reached Panchgani. at 12.35 pm. 
I saw Sarvottam and Manoj descending just behind Prashant and Nishit when I was climbing the Pasarani Ghat @ 1-2 km away from the top.
At that point of time the car which is in question was at Panchgani Turn around point.
By then one more car reached Sanjay in Pasarni which Divya saw at Khabatki and Pasarni.
I left the Turn around point when Divya was climbing the Pasrani Ghat just near the Ghat end, I waived at her and she also reciprocated.

After the turn around point, Divya and 2 more riders were behind me and Kailash overtook me somewhere before the Katraj Ghat and he was in my viewing distance almost all the time.
Hence there is not question of taking help from the friends. At the turn around point I took permission from the officials to receive food and water from my friends. If they had not allowed I would easily purchased from some shop and moved from there. I left the turn around point asap and started my return journey immediately.
By then Sarvottam, Manoj were well ahead of me a gap more than an hour was between us. So there is no question of rendering any help from friends at any one of us. Sarvottam reached the finish point somewhere @ 3 .15 pm. 
Interestingly Divya is also an organiser and a participant. Her timing is just short of the stipulated time by 20 min.
We never raised doubts about the organiser being a competitor. Then why doubts are raised on our group. Only with stupid assumptions and irrational theories the decision has been reached.
As per the rules of Randonneuring " A Follow up car is not allowed on the same route." The car was always ahead of us. Even as I started my descend from the Panchagani the car over took me and I never saw it again. 
There was not need of putting this article of The Good Bad Ugly on the forum. The results could have been simply posted.
Even in the earlier threads of participants not reported at the start line Divya got agitated and later she has accepted the fact. 
So conclusion " Think, Ascertain the facts, make an enquiry and then think and then make a decision.
About rendering an apology, there is not question of doing so.
I had repeatedly written to the Admin of Randonneurs to award the status of DQ instead of DNF. Since the record shows that we had reported at Start point, Turn around point and the finish point. Funniest part is that our charges for the medals were accepted immediately at the finish point.
You can not modify the record of the event by making us DNF.

I think I have made the things clear to all. Randonneuring is not the end of life. There is lot of cycling than just riding for medal and glories.
So all the Best to You Divya and your Randonneuring



Really commendable of you, Mehul, and others to have organized this ride. Congrats to all those who participated and completed the ride. Keep it up!


I missed out on this BRM due to personal commitment and plan to ride any future 200kms BRM after the monsoons.


Is there any website which lists all the upcoming BRMs with the dates?


- Mihir

The upcoming events beyond October are yet to be planned and approved by ACP. This will happen only in October/November.


There are 2 rides before that. You can find them on the calendar at




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